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These are the first thoughts that come to my mind when someone asks me how Team ICONI is feeling since the announcement of being one of Oprah’s Favorite Things 2020 (see previous blog post).

I am grateful. I am amazed at the outpouring of support and business. I am shocked that ICONI’s first product was launched in January 2020 and now we are in Oprah Magazine, Shape, Buzzfeed, CNN, and so many more! This was an absolute “touchdown” for ICONI and I really appreciate my customers and supporters for all the kind words, emails, and DMs; you all keep me going!

…now let’s talk about the “whirlwind.” In the last 13 days, we have had thousands of orders and my team has been hard at work processing orders. All orders were processed and shipped in a timely fashion. I want to make sure all my customers are happy so when I get an email about a customer return due to sizing, I do beat myself up and think “what can I do to ensure our sizing is easier to customers and what can I do to help customers choose the right size every time?” The “whirlwind” has included ordering mailers twice, ordering business cards and postcards twice, so many trips to the post office, and the label printer meltdown of 2020 (funny now but I was pissed in the moment). Not to mention, part of my inventory was stolen during logistics transfer.

I am thankful to my team – Alstria and Chris. I am thankful to my customers – I hope I have expressed the amount of gratitude I have for you. I am thankful to Oprah and Oprah Magazine – ICONI is crushing our 2020 goals thanks to this opportunity. I am thankful to GOD and Divine Intervention. I am thankful for the lessons and the blessings on this journey. 2021 will be even bigger for ICONI!

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Who Is Lyudmila Putin or Lyudmila Aleksandrovna Ocheretnaya? Russian President’s Ex-Wife



Who Is Lyudmila Putin or Lyudmila Aleksandrovna Ocheretnaya? Russian President’s Ex-Wife

Lyudmila aleksandrovna ocheretnaya ,The wife of former Russian the president Vladimir Putin helped create and is now a part of the foundation that holds an historic Moscow property that is generating millions of dollars of rent from tenants according to an Reuters investigation of records on property has discovered.

This building has been renovated with the help from the associates of Putin as well as the rental earnings are transferred to a private firm that is owned by a person with the same name as Putin’s maiden name. former wife, records of the company reveal.

The rental comes out of Volkonsky House in central Moscow that was an aristocratic’s home during the Soviet era. It is currently managed by The Center for the Development of Inter-personal Communications (CDIC). Lyudmila Putina was a key figure in the creation of the non-profit foundation as per an article published in the state-owned publication Rossiiskaya Gazeta and two sources who worked with the centre. Lyudmila was the wife of Putin from 1983 until their divorce which was finalized in 2013.

The foundation was founded in 2002. In September of 2006, Rossiiskaya Gazeta described Lyudmila as an “trustee” of the organization. in an interview to the paper in that year she used the phrase “we” when discussing the foundation. Three sources that are familiar with the foundation’s activities said that Lyudmila has a strong support for a literary award and publishing division that the foundation manages.

The CDIC has offices at Volkonsky House, but most of the building is rented open to leaseholders, which includes two large state banks, according to documents.

Tenants have to pay their rents to a firm known as Meridian which is 99 percent controlled by a company named Intererservis as well as property and corporate documents examined by Reuters in May revealed. Intererservis according to the state registry of corporate entities is owned wholly from 2014 onwards by a lady named Lyudmila Alexandrovna Shkrebnyova which is the first name of Putin’s ex-wife.

Reuters did not have documents to prove this assertion. Shkrebnyova as well as Putin’s former wife is the same person. Other connections, in addition to the name, indicate that former First Lady as well as one of the owners of Intererservis being the identical person. The former general director of Intererversis was named Olga Alexandrovna tsomayeva. A number of Russian media reports mention Tsomayeva as the daughter of Vladimir Putin’s ex-wife. Tsomayeva was not available to discuss the matter.

Additionally, the remaining one percentage in Meridian owns Tatiana Shestakova, who was the spouse of Vasily Shestakov and was an old friend and Judo sparring partner to Putin The Shestakovs split in 2013. Shestakova was also a key player in helping in the creation of the CDIC according to the registry of state corporate entities, was unable to be reached for comment.

The Kremlin property department was responsible for the work of renovating the Volkonsky House in Moscow’s Vozdvizhenka Street as per the rental documents reviewed by Reuters and Reuters, even though the house was no longer a part of in the hands of the government at that time.lyudmila aleksandrovna ocheretnaya

An individual involved in the renovation claimed that Lyudmila Putina, at the time the wife of the president, visited Volkonsky House to inspect the work. “We all knew that the (Kremlin property) department was constantly overseeing the process,” said the source whom spoke with Reuters under the condition of anonymity. “When Mrs Putin made an inspection visit, they immediately closed down the whole of Vozdvizhenka Street. “

It is the Russian bank VTB is one of the current tenants of Volkonsky House, alone pays more than $2 million annually in rent, as per the tender document that was posted on a government site in 2015.

Reuters was unable to determine the total amount Meridian gets from renting out space within the Moscow property, nor the amount it contributes towards the CDIC foundation. Meridian’s 2015 accounts reveal a profit of about 225 millions rubles ($3.89 million) but they don’t divulge where the money went.

Reuters requested clarification on the matter from Meridian along with the CDIC by way of correspondence, phone calls as well as visits. However, Reuters got no response. The Kremlin press office did not answer questions about the president’s ex-wife.lyudmila aleksandrovna ocheretnaya

Friendly and helpful friends

The house at 9 Vozdvizhenka Street is known as the Volkonsky House after its former owner General Nikolai Volkonsky, the grandfather of writer Leo Tolstoy. The 20th century saw Sergei Yesenin, a popular poet, composed a few of his work there.

The historic site was then held by The Russian Foreign Ministry, according to a presidential decree in 1992 which was signed by the predecessor of Putin. The property records of 2005 reveal that the site had been transferred to a body known as the Center for the Development of the Russian Language that then changed the name of the organization to Center for the Development of Inter-personal Communications.

Reuters could not determine on what terms the language centre purchased the building. The state agency that manages State property Rosimushchestvo was unable to answer Reuters queries regarding the building.

The building was in need of a renovation In 2005, major work was completed. Allies of President Putin stepped in to aid. It was the Konstantinovsky Foundation, which was established shortly after Putin became president in order to repair the Konstantinovsky Palace near Putin’s native St Petersburg, provided financial assistance as per its site. The president frequently uses the palace as a venue for hosting foreign leaders.

Vladimir Kozhin, who from 2000 until 2014 was the head of the Kremlin property department served on the Board of directors of the Konstaninovsky Foundation at the time the renovations were executed at Volkonsky House. Kozhin is still as a member of the foundation’s board which includes at least one other person associated with Putin on the board. The Konstantinovsky Foundation nor Kozhin, who is now a president adviser, have did not respond to requests for comments.

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All You Need to Know About Office Ally Practice Mate



ally practice mate

Office Ally Practice Mate is an online practice management software that helps little and midsize medical care practices smooth out their activities. The software is a unified solution for all your administrative tasks. In addition, the platform offers custom-tailored solutions to meet the needs of various medical specialties and assists customers in automating processes required to run a healthcare facility.

According to Office Ally Practice Mate reviews, the software offers secure scheduling, electronic superbills, claim management, patient statements, and scalable accounting. You can also manage scheduling, claims, and patient billing with it. In addition, you may quickly make appointments, color-code time slots, and maintain a calendar with Office Ally Practice Mate’s appointment scheduling function.

Patients can also make appointments through Patient Ally, Office Ally’s private patient portal. They can request labs and confirm insurance eligibility from the comfort of their own homes. In addition, medical practitioners can use the patient portal to approve or decline appointment requests and view forms that patients have completed before their appointment.

Overall, Office Ally Practice Mate has features to build extensive summary reports. Office Ally is HIPAA-compliant, ONC-ACB 2014, and CAQH CORE® certified. Moreover, you can use the system with Office Ally’s EHR software to meet Meaningful Use Stage 1 and 2 criteria. With a reliable internet connection, this web-based solution is accessible at anytime and anywhere.

Top Features of Office Ally Practice Mate

If you’re a medical practitioner considering this health IT solution, you’ll want to evaluate several factors before making a final decision. Every medical practice has specific requirements, and you must compare yours while purchasing. To assist you, we’ll go through some of the features of Office Ally Practice Mate that every medical provider should think about for their practice. So, without further delay, let’s proceed.

Patient Scheduler

The patient scheduler in Office Ally Practice Mate electronic health records software has various columns for providers, resources, and sections for adding notes and appointment types. In addition, color-coded appointments, configurable appointment fields, repeating appointment tools, check-in and check-out, printing a superbill, copay functionality from the appointment, and printing receipt choices are also available.

Moreover, it allows you to create a date-based list of patient appointments. You can use this online scheduling feature to plan meetings and transfer data quickly.

Patient Insurance Eligibility Verification

To help practitioners streamline their administrative processes, Office Ally Practice Mate provides online eligibility verification services for various government and commercial payers. It gives you essential information like copays and deductibles while also ensuring that you get rapid eligibility findings.

You can quickly assess whether or not a patient is covered by their insurance for a specific service. In addition, consumers save time and money by avoiding the need to interact with automated phone systems to verify a patient’s eligibility benefits.

Online Patient Portal

Patients can securely contact their clinicians in real-time and pay medical bills via Office Ally Practice Mate’s self-service portal. Patients can use it to make appointments, acquire health information, and check their medical records and lab results. In addition, it has a secure messaging feature.

Office Ally Practice Mate reviews praise this self-service portal for its capacity to reduce waiting room activity by allowing patients to fill out necessary forms online. Overall, the software effectively facilitates redundant paperwork and simplifies things for patients (less waiting, fewer appointment confusions.) Moreover, the patients can use it to make appointments, obtain prescription refills, and view their medical records. You can navigate through the portal during the Office Ally Practice Mate demo.

Claims Management

Office Ally Practice Mate offers entire claims processing and electronic remittance processing. Office Ally, which employs straightforward displays to see reports and spot rejected claims, is fully integrated with Practice Mate’s claims processing. According to Office Ally Practice Mate reviews, you can effortlessly update and submit claims electronically to over 5,000 payers, follow the progress of each claim, and enjoy reduced denials thanks to automatic claim scrubbing. Moreover, you can also automatically download, print, and enter deposit information.

Reporting Module

This highly adaptable practice management solution makes a powerful reporting tool available, allowing you to generate and export reports in various formats. For example, it provides practice personnel to search for patients by name, tax ID, insurance type, and other criteria. Office Ally Practice Mate users do not need to sign any contracts to access this feature. You can also download and export the system’s reports in Microsoft Excel or PDF formats.

Office Ally Practice Mate Reviews


  • The software is simple, and multiple people can access it simultaneously.
  • It is straightforward to file claims because it thoroughly checks for errors before sending them out.
  • The PM system provides excellent customer service. It’s not the best out there, but they’re working on it.
  • It works in tandem with Office Ally’s EHR and Patient Ally modules.


  • For long periods, it becomes continuously slow and often utterly unresponsive.
  • You cannot manually send out text reminders.

Office Ally Practice Mate Cost

Practice Mate is a free web-based Practice Management system by Office Ally. It integrates with the EHR 24/7 for $29.99 per provider per month. If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution for your small or midsize healthcare firm, Office Ally Practice Mate should be your first choice. In addition, it’s an excellent option for practitioners on a budget who can’t afford a more expensive system due to their restricted resources.

Office Ally Practice Mate Demo

An Office Ally Practice Mate demo is straightforward to request. It’s accessible as a webinar, so you may invite others to join you for the demonstration. You can seamlessly join up for an Office Ally demo on the vendor’s website. In addition, you can schedule a one-on-one demo to see the features firsthand.

Final Thoughts

Office Ally’s free Practice Management solution is an appealing option for small to mid-sized healthcare offices. In addition, Practice Mate should be a top option for new practices because it provides free training and setup and 24/7 customer assistance. General surgery, internal medicine, ambulatory care, and other medical disciplines can benefit from the Office Ally Practice Mate

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