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Why GroupMe Won’t Let You Log In?



Why GroupMe Won’t Let You Log In?

GroupMe allows users to text their acquaintances, colleagues, and confidants in group chats that are secure and accessible. It has witnessed a steady rise in popularity and is slowly gaining acceptance in the popular market. However, its simplicity can also birth certain complexities and hindrances that may hamper the user’s experience. One of them is the can’t log into GroupMe account issue. Thus today, we are bringing you this guide the why log into groupme won’t let you log in issue in depth and providing the answers to solve it comprehensively. Also, you will learn to change GroupMe password and reset GroupMe account later in this article. So, stay tuned!

Why GroupMe Won’t Let You Log In?

Why GroupMe Won’t Let You Log In?

Read this article till the end to learn GroupMe won’t let you log in and the steps demonstrating the method to reset your GroupMe password in depth by using the images for better understanding.

Can You Need an Account for GroupMe?

Yes, you need to create a GroupMe account to use it effectively.

Can You Change Your GroupMe Password?

Yes, you can change GroupMe password. It is a very simple process that can be completed via the GroupMe app.

How Can You Log Into GroupMe With a New Number?

Follow the below steps to log in to your GroupMe account:

1. Log into your GroupMe in a browser.

2. Click on your Avatar, which is represented by your profile picture, from the left pane.

Click on your Avatar

3. Click on Edit next to Phone.

Click on Edit next to Phone

4. Enter your desired phone number and click on Submit.

Enter your desired phone number and click on Submit

5. Follow the on-screen instructions to add the new phone number and use it for the log in process.

Keep reading further to learn why GroupMe won’t let you log in.

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How Can You Change Your Email on GroupMe?

Follow the below steps to change your email on GroupMe:

1. In your GroupMe account, click on your Avatar.

2. Next to the Email option, click on Edit.

Next to the Email option, click on Edit

3. Follow the onscreen instructions to delete the current email and enter a new Email address.

Can You Unsend a GroupMe Message?

Yes, you can Unsend a GroupMe message. You can delete the message to unsend it.

Why Can’t You Log Into Your GroupMe Account?

Why GroupMe won’t let you log in? The reasons:

  • Your phone number or email ID might be wrong.
  • You have forgotten or mistaken your password.
  • There might be network disruptions affecting your Internet.

If you face any of these, you can’t log into GroupMe account.

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How Can You Get Back Into Your GroupMe Account?

After knowing that a forgotten password is why GroupMe won’t let you log in, you might want to know how to get back to your GroupMe account. Follow the below steps:

1. Download and open the GroupMe app on your Android or iOS phone.

2. Tap on Sign In.

3. Tap on Sign in with your email or phone number.

Tap on Sign in with your email or phone number

4. Enter your GroupMe registered email and tap on Forgot your password?

5. Then, in your email inbox, tap on the Reset Password link from the received email.

tap on the Reset Password link from the received email | reset GroupMe account

6. On the newly opened browser page, enter the new password and tap on Reset password.

enter the new password and tap on Reset password | reset GroupMe account

Your GroupMe password will get reset. Now, continue to log into your GroupMe account with the new password.

Why Will GroupMe Not Let You Add Someone?

This issue principally arises when you are using an outdated version of the app or if the app is not uninstalled on your device and using it via its browser interface.

Why is the GroupMe App Not Working?

This problem results from using an outdated version of the application or server issues on the developer’s end. And because of that, you may also face the GroupMe won’t let you log in issue.

Why Does it Keep Saying Something Went Wrong on GroupMe?

The reasons for GroupMe to say something went wrong and not letting you log in are:

  • You are using an outdated version of the app.
  • Your device has inadequate storage space.
  • You might have an internet issue.
  • There might be a server issue on the developer’s end.

How Can You Reset Your GroupMe Account?

You can reset your GroupMe account password to reset account through the app. Follow the below steps:

1. Open the GroupMe app.

2. Tap on Sign In > Sign in with your email or phone number.

3. Enter your GroupMe registered email in the given field.

4. Then, tap on Forgot your password?

Enter your GroupMe registered email and tap on Forgot your password | reset GroupMe account

5. Tap on the Reset Password link from the received GroupMe email.

6. Then, enter the new password in the given field on the Password Reset page.

7. Finally, tap on Reset password to reset your password and recover GroupMe account.

enter the new password and tap on Reset password | Why GroupMe Won’t Let You Log In?

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How Can You Fix GroupMe?

You may encounter an expansive assortment of problems of different magnitudes and pronouncements. Each problem is countered by a solution unique to its character. Practice precisely and accurately discerning the type of your problems and searching for solutions accordingly. If you are facing an issue that is too complex or recurrent, visit the GroupMe help & learning page to seek support and solution.

GroupMe help & learning page | Why GroupMe Won’t Let You Log In? | reset GroupMe account


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We hope that you learned about why GroupMe won’t let you log in. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions via the comments section below. Let us know what you want to learn about next.

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20 Most Popular Black Anime Characters of 2022



For us fans of anime, we are of the view that this iconic Japanese originating genre is one of the greatest exports to the west. Anime predated the rise of the internet and the streaming ease that this rise brought. The mid to late 90’s for example saw iconic packages like Toonami bringing us treasured classics like Dragon Ball Z, Bleach and One Piece. Let us not forget the positive reception when the iconic Pokemon franchise also released its anime here in the west.

This article serves to highlight the diversity in anime. We will look at twenty of the most iconic black anime characters.

1. Afro Samurai

This Samuel L. Jackson produced fan favourite follows all of the typical Japanese anime tropes. Afro Samurai is a revenge story. It is a story that is told in bloody animated detail. The title character is well suited for the plot, wielding his sword with precision and efficiency as he cuts his way through each plot point.

2. Brock

Remember earlier when we mentioned the appeal of Pokemon when it finally came west? Well, even before the iconic anime debuted on American televisions, Brock was known to most of the 90’s kids who owned Game Boys and a copy of either Pokemon Red, Blue or Yellow as the first Gym leader faced in these games. The anime however cemented his popularity even further as his personality was fleshed out. We were all immediately enamored with the womanising, rock type Pokemon trainer.

3. A (The Fourth Raikage)

Shonen Jump’s iconic Naruto series grabbed fans worldwide with its fleshed out and relatable characters as well as its lore and deep plots. This black character A was introduced in the Naruto Shippuden era of the series. As the Fourth Raikage, A is a master of lightning style ninjutsu. He uses his broan, skill and resolve to lead his village as its Raikage.

4. Killer B

Also introduced in the Naruto Shippuden series, Killer B is the holder of the eight tailed beast. This character is clearly an attempt to give the beloved franchise a more western appeal, as he is often depicted as having aspirations of becoming the world’s greatest rapper. This does not diminish his fighting prowess however, as he is the only person who can perform the tag team move Lightning Release: Double Lariat with his unofficial older brother A.

5. Lenora

In keeping with the tradition established in the 1990’s, Lenora is a character that was released in both the Pokemon video games and the anime. She is the leader of the Nacrene City Pokemon Gym and specializes in normal type Pokemon. Lenora is also the director of the Nacrene City Museum. The character was first introduced in the Black and White generation of the anime and the video games.

6. Kaname Tosen

This Bleach character is depicted as calm, tactical and powerful. As a captain, he is shown to be a skilled, yet reserved swordsman. He tries to shed as little blood as possible in his skirmishes. In addition to his swordsmanship, Kaname Tosen also has a wide array of spiritual powers at his disposal.

7. Kiawe

This character that was introduced in the Sun and Moon generation of Pokemon oozes burning intensity. Kiawe is depicted as a friendly yet stoic character who is very culturally aware. He uses fire type and ground type pokemon, with Turtanator as his main. One of the possessors of a Z crystal, Kyawe uses it to command his Turtanator to use the devastating fire type Z move Inferno Overdrive.

8. Atsuko Jackson

This afro Latina police officer from the Michiko to Hatchin anime series is depicted as playful and jovial, yet tough as nails and serious about her job. The iconic yellow afro stands out as one of her most distinguishing features as she pursues the title character who is a prison escapee.

9. Miyuki Ayukawa

Miyuki Ayukawa not only stands out for being a black anime character in the Basquash! series, but she also makes a statement for feminism as she plays the role of a female mechanic. This of course is aimed at breaking the gender stereotypes associated with the typically male dominated profession.

10. Canary

Don’t be fooled by the cuteness of this character. Canary from Hunter X Hunter is as capable as they come with her fighting abilities. Not every character can boast about beating up one hundred bad men at the tender age of ten.

11. Andrew Gilbert Mills

Andrew Gilbert Mills is depicted in the Sword Art Online series as a very laid back character. However this laid back demeanour does not diminish the fact that he is an excellent fighter. Mills can be seen wielding his trademark axe throughout the series. It is also of note that he is a weapon maker too.

12. Muhammed Avdol

This Egyptian warrior from the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure series is depicted as a capable fighter and a level headed character. The anime strives for diversity with this one as he represents a region that is not otherwise depicted in the genre. Nonetheless, Muhammed Avdol stands out for his unique addition to the roster of characters.

13. Dutch

This character from the Black Lagoon anime series is a staple of authority. He is a boss by all accounts of the term, giving orders and negotiating contracts in a calm yet authoritative manner. It would be wise not to cross this ex Navy Seal boat captain and hired gun. He might be laid back, but he is more than capable.

14. Michiko Malandro

Earlier we looked at her pursuer, now we are looking at the actual escapee. Michiko Malandro

of the Michiko to Hatchin series might seem like a typical black stereotypical prison escapee, but she is full of character and has peaked the interest of anime fans. She is a well written character that lends herself well to the anime’s plot.

15. Bob Makihara

One of the few anime characters to sport dreadlocks, Bob Makihara is depicted as one of the strongest black anime characters in the Tenjou Tenge series. The South African born character is very well written, with the writers portraying him as growing up in Japan giving him the opportunity to blend the two cultures.

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