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BMW i4 vs. Tesla Model 3: Which EV sedan is better?



BMW i4 vs. Tesla Model 3: Which EV sedan is better?

The BMW i4 and Tesla Model 3 are two of the hottest electric cars on the market today. Both vehicles offer a range of features designed to make driving easy and efficient, as well as attractive styling. But each has its advantages and disadvantages, and there is much that sets them apart in terms of performance, technology, convenience, and cost.

Deciding between the two? That’s why we’ve put together this guide. Here are the differences and similarities between the Tesla Model 3 and BMW i4, and why you might want one over the other.


Take one glance at these cars side by side, and the aesthetic differences become immediately obvious. The Tesla Model 3 looks … like a Tesla. It has a sleek, modern look that’s distinct from most other cars on the road, and that’s similar to the overall design of Tesla’s other cars (except for the upcoming CyberTruck). Some argue that the design is starting to get a little tired, given the design language has been in use by Tesla since the Model S was first launched in 2012. Others still love the way it looks.


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The BMW i4 has a more traditional design, with curved lines and classic styling. You won’t mistake it for anything other than a BMW, thanks to the signature kidney grille and the iconic BMW logo. That kidney grille, of course, has been controversial, considering how big it has become over the past two years. I personally don’t mind it anymore, but others may disagree. Of course, there are a few different models of BMW i4, and they offer slight tweaks to design — but those mostly boil down to accents and wheels.

So is one design better? Not really. It all depends on personal preference.

Interior and tech

The interiors of these cars are pretty different too. The Tesla Model 3 has a minimalistic design, with a large central display that controls just about every aspect of the car. It also has a few physical buttons and knobs in certain areas, like on the steering wheel, but the screen is mostly how you’ll control different aspects of the car.

The BMW i4’s interior is much more traditional, with proper physical buttons and knobs for controlling various aspects, as well as a large display that is connected to the navigation system. It’s much more driver-focused, but it does take some getting used to if you’re accustomed to Tesla’s minimalist design. BMW’s interior also feels more premium, with more comfortable seats and more luxurious highlights. That doesn’t mean it’s better though — many prefer the Tesla’s minimalism.

While some may not love the fact that the Model 3 is controlled largely through the touch screen, Tesla has at least done a good job at developing its software. The Tesla Model 3 has one of the best in-car operating systems out there, with a smooth and intuitive user interface. It also offers features like over-the-air updates, which allow you to get new features and bug fixes without having to go to the dealership.

The BMW i4 is much more traditional in its approach to tech. BMW’s iDrive platform has gotten better over the years, but it’s still not as well-designed or as intuitive as Tesla’s software. Thankfully, you can use CarPlay and Android Auto, so you don’t really have to interact with the BMW software if you don’t want to.


The Tesla Model 3 is the clear winner when it comes to performance. It’s available with a range of different battery sizes and motor configurations, so you can get a version that suits your needs. The most powerful variant, the Performance model, has two motors that allow it to accelerate from 0-60 in just 3.1 seconds, making it one of the quickest cars on the market. The base model isn’t quite as quick, with one motor that can get it from 0-60 in 5.8 seconds. The base model has a range of 272 miles, while the performance model steps that up to 315 miles. Tesla isn’t currently selling the so-called Long Range model, but that could change soon.

The BMW i4 is no slouch either. There are a number of different BMW i4 models to consider. There’s the BMW i4 eDrive35, which can accelerate to 60 in 5.8 seconds, the i4 eDrive 40, which gets there in 5.5 seconds, and the sportier i4 M50, which gets to 60 miles per hour in only 3.7 seconds. The range varies from 270 miles on the M50 to 335 on the eDrive40.

No matter which car you get, you’ll get that zip and pace that electric cars are known for. You’ll also get a decent range — though those really worried about range should consider getting either the Model 3 Performance or the BMW i4 eDrive40.

Pricing and availability

The Tesla Model 3 starts at around $40,390, while the top-spec Performance model costs around $56,390. The BMW i4 starts at a much higher price of $51,400 for the eDrive35, and goes up to $67,300 for the top-of-the-line M50 variant, though options could push that price even higher.

As for availability, the Tesla Model 3 is much more widely available than the BMW i4. You can find a Tesla in pretty much any state, whereas the BMW i4 is currently only sold in some states, and you may have to wait for your local dealership to stock it.


So which is better? Ultimately, it depends on what you’re looking for in an electric car. The Tesla Model 3 offers a slick and minimalist design, great performance, and good value for money, at least as far as EVs go. The BMW i4 has more traditional interior styling and looks more like a BMW on the outside, plus its performance is almost as good when you consider the range of different models available.

If you want a traditional-looking car with excellent electric performance, go for the BMW, but if good software and a more modern design are your thing, the Model 3 is a great car.

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Amazing 777.Com Login | Royal Eagle Casino Login at, often termed Royal Eagle Casino, is one of the most popular online betting platforms. As of now, the platform has more than 15,000 active users, and it is on the verge of growing. However, due to the lack of information available online and even on their website, a lot of budding players are confused about login into Royal Eagle Casino.

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Playing casino and gambling games requires patience and carefulness. As a result, we urge you to carefully follow these steps while logging on to Amazing 777 com. It doesn’t matter if you are a new or an old player. Every step is important. Now, follow these steps:

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Finally, the steps to get an ID on are as follows:

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How to Withdraw Winnings from

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Now, tell him the amount you wish to withdraw and the payment method such as bank transfer, PayPal or Payoneer. At the time of writing, we aren’t sure whether Crypto payments are allowed or not.

Things that involve money are often the best places for scammers and fraudsters. Frauds are very prevalent online, and once you hand over the money, you will see nothing but blocked on your screen forever. As a result, prevention is always better than cure. And in the case of gambling and casino, you cannot even complain to authorities to help you out.

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The Bottom Line

Well, that’s all we have here about how you can log in to Royal Eagle Casino. We hope this guide has helped you. Remember, gambling is addictive, and once you start losing, you will be compelled to play more and lose more. This is a consecutive process. If you are having problems with gaming, check out the gambling helpline number. If you still have any questions, make sure to comment down below.

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Selecting the Best IT Outsourcing Company for Your Small Business: A Comprehensive Guide



Selecting the Best IT Outsourcing Company for Your Small Business: A Comprehensive Guide

The right IT solutions can drive a business’s success and offer a competitive edge in the market. As small businesses thrive and expand, the need for advanced and specialized IT support becomes even more crucial. However, building an in-house IT department can be expensive and time-consuming. This is where IT outsourcing comes into play.

Yet, how does one sift through the myriad options and find the perfect fit? We’ve collated expert opinions and insightful tips to help small businesses zero in on the right IT outsourcing partner.

1. Dive Deep with Direct Dialogues: Call Their Clients

Before entering into any partnership, it’s vital to hear about the experiences of others. Don’t just rely on written testimonials. Instead, pick up the phone and speak to real references. A direct conversation provides an unfiltered look at how the IT outsourcing company operates, the quality of its services, and its responsiveness to issues.

“We always recommend talking directly with existing clients. They will authentically understand what you can expect,” says Ed Anderson from Dyrand Systems, which provides IT services in Surrey, BC.

2. Digital Footprints Don’t Lie: Monitor Their Social Media

In today’s interconnected world, a company’s social media profile offers more than just marketing slogans. It’s a dynamic canvas that reveals their values, client interactions, updates, and more.

By following potential IT partners on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook, you can gauge their industry involvement, technological know-how, and how they engage with their clientele.

Ashu Bhoot of Orion Networks (click here to learn more) emphasizes the importance of this approach, “Their social media presence speaks volumes. It showcases their technical prowess and their corporate culture and ethos.”

3. The Power of Public Opinion: Go Through Google Reviews

While industry awards and certifications are significant, there’s nothing quite like the candid feedback of actual users. Google reviews offer an uncensored platform for clients to share their good and bad experiences.

Digging deep into these reviews can provide insights into the company’s problem-solving capabilities, the efficiency of its services, and the overall satisfaction of its clients.

4. Make Them Sweat: Ask the Tough Questions

You’re entrusting an external agency with your business’s critical IT infrastructure. Naturally, you need to ensure they’re up to the task.

Prepare a set of challenging questions that gauge their experience, disaster recovery plans, response times, and approach to cybersecurity. Remember, it’s not just about getting answers; it’s about gauging how confidently and comprehensively they can address your concerns.

“If they waver or offer generic answers, that’s a red flag. You want a transparent, knowledgeable, and confident partner in their deliverables,” says Jorge Rojas with Tektonic Managed Services in Vaughan, Ontario.


Choosing the right IT outsourcing partner is a blend of diligent research, direct interactions, and a keen understanding of your business needs. By adopting a proactive approach – speaking to references, monitoring social media, reading reviews, and posing probing questions – you can identify a partner that aligns with your business’s goals and ethos. As you embark on this journey, remember the sage advice from industry leaders like Anderson, Bhoot, and Rojas, and you’ll be well on your way to forging a fruitful IT partnership.

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Maximising Sales: Ecommerce Design Best Practices for 2023



Maximising Sales: Ecommerce Design Best Practices for 2023

In today’s fast-paced digital marketplace, the design of your ecommerce website plays a pivotal role in capturing and converting potential customers. As 2023 unfolds, fresh design paradigms and innovative features are transforming the online shopping experience. Leveraging these best practices is crucial for any brand looking to stay competitive, especially in bustling digital hubs like Melbourne. In this article, we’ll delve into the top ecommerce design practices for 2023, drawing inspiration from leading ecommerce website design Melbourne trends and innovations.

1. Mobile-First Design:

With a significant chunk of global online sales originating from mobile devices, adopting a mobile-first approach is non-negotiable. This means designing your ecommerce site primarily for mobile and then scaling up for larger screens.

2. Seamless Navigation:

Complex site structures can deter potential customers. Streamlined navigation, characterised by intuitive menus and clear call-to-action buttons, can guide users smoothly from browsing to checkout.

3. Engaging Visuals:

High-quality images, compelling videos, and interactive 3D views can provide users with a virtual ‘touch and feel’ experience. This immersive approach can greatly influence purchase decisions.

4. Fast Loading Times:

In an age of immediacy, speed is of the essence. Ensure that your website loads quickly to retain potential customers. Optimising images, utilising content delivery networks, and integrating efficient caching mechanisms can dramatically reduce load times.

5. Personalisation:

Drawing from user data and browsing patterns, offer personalised shopping experiences. Tailored product recommendations and individualised content can make users feel valued, increasing the likelihood of sales.

6. Simplified Checkout:

A complicated checkout process is a leading cause of cart abandonment. Reduce the number of steps required, offer multiple payment options, and ensure that the process is as frictionless as possible.

7. Enhanced Search Functionality:

A powerful search tool, complete with filters, auto-suggestions, and error tolerance, can significantly improve the user experience, guiding them quickly to the products they’re seeking.

8. Trust Indicators:

Incorporate reviews, testimonials, and trust badges prominently. These indicators can reassure customers about the quality of your products and the security of their transactions.

9. ADA Compliance:

Ensure that your ecommerce site is accessible to all, including those with disabilities. This not only widens your potential customer base but also adheres to digital inclusivity standards.

10. Localised Design Elements for Global Reach:

If you’re targeting a global audience, incorporate region-specific design elements. For instance, leveraging popular ecommerce website design Melbourne motifs can make Australian users feel more at home, while distinct designs can cater to users from other regions.

11. AR (Augmented Reality) Integration:

The future of online shopping is immersive. Augmented Reality (AR) offers customers the chance to virtually “try on” or visualise products in their space before making a purchase. Whether it’s seeing how a piece of furniture looks in their living room or trying on a pair of sunglasses, AR can drastically reduce return rates and increase customer satisfaction.

12. Chatbots and AI-Powered Customer Support:

Immediate support can often be the difference between a sale and an abandoned cart. Integrating AI-powered chatbots ensures customers have 24/7 access to assistance, be it for product inquiries, troubleshooting, or any other concerns. Additionally, these chatbots can gather data on common user issues, providing businesses with valuable insights for future improvements.

As the digital landscape evolves, staying updated with the latest ecommerce design best practices is imperative for maximising sales. By integrating these 2023 design strategies, inspired by global trends and local nuances like those from ecommerce website design Melbourne specialists, businesses can create an enticing, efficient, and effective online shopping experience for all users.

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