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10 Best Women’s Electric Razor For Coarse Hair in 2022 (Buying Guide)



If you are someone who has coarse hair, you know how difficult it can be to get rid of it with an electric shaver or razor. Such hair is quite difficult to handle for normal razors, and can also often cause pulling and nicking which can result in irritation of the skin. This is why you need specialized razors that work specifically for coarse and rough hair. 

Following is the list of top electric razors that work well for someone who has coarse hair. You should also check out the buying guide at the end that will tell you how to pick the right razor for you :

10 Best Women’s Electric Razor for Coarse Hair:

1. Panasonic cordless shaver

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Giving you a smooth and painless shaving experience, this product by Panasonic is truly one of the finest electric shavers that will get rid of all the coarse and rough hair without irritating your skin. It comes with three unbiased shaving heads and it strikes the hair strand under the curves. This helps in giving you a more in depth shave every single time. 

The product also comes with a pop-up trimmer which you can use for getting rid of lengthy hair, regardless of the body part where you have them. There is a protecting foil attached to the shaver which prevents your skin from getting irritated and also protects your pores. Since this is a wet and dry shaver, you can use it in the shower as well. 

The independent floating flexible pivoting heads of the shaver can’t raise the individual contours of your body, giving you a hassle free shave. The blades are also hypoallergenic and do not cause any redness or irritation of the skin. The shaver is 100% washable and can be cleaned quite easily by just running under the water. 

It comes with a rechargeable battery that gives you 20 minutes of shaving after 12 hours of recharging. 


  • Independent floating heads give you hassle free shave
  • Hypoallergenic blades
  • 100% washable
  • Can be used wet and dry


  • Needs to be charged for a long period of time to get 20 minutes of shave.

2. Philips satinshave

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For all the coarse and rough patches of hair on those difficult to reach spots, the philips satin shave is your best friend. You can use it on underarms, legs, bikini areas, and wherever else you desire to get out those coarse hair strands. You can also use the shave dry as well as in the bath.  

 It has hypoallergenic blades under its luxurious and protective foils. These blades are designed for shaving sensitive skin and delicate areas that are generally prone to irritation and cuts. The ergonomic design and the multiflex head off the shaver also help you reach awkward areas without any difficultie

 The product runs on a lithium ion battery which is rechargeable. One hour of cordless use can be achieved with just a single charge, which takes about an hour and 20 minutes. The product also comes with five accessories, all of which function to remove her from different parts of your body. It also comes with a mini bag that makes it extremely portable and easy to travel with.


  • Can be used wet and dry
  • Full charge needs only one hour and 20 minutes
  • Hypoallergenic blades


  • Design is weak if not used properly

3. Jtrim electric shaver for women

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This is one of the most powerful electric razor for coarse hair, especially for those women who struggle with course or excessive body hair. It’s a cordless type of device and it comes with a rechargeable battery. The product also holds the charge very well and works brilliantly to leave your skin feeling silky and smooth to the touch. 

 The product also comes with two length settings. One of them cuts close and is perfect for use on legs and arms. On the other hand, if you turn the shaver around, you can use it for longer strokes on other parts of your body where the hair might be lengthier or thicker. It also works very well with sensitive areas like underarms, because it does not cause irritation or reddening of the skin. The ergonomic design also prevents any cuts and nicks.


  • Powerful device
  • Rechargeable
  • Does not cause irritation of the skin


  • Cannot be used wet and dry
  • Does not function well in the bikini area

4. Panasonic cordless electric shaver

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The advanced hair removal device by Panasonic is the perfect choice for removing those rough and coarse patches of hair and is rewarded as the best electric shaver for sensitive skin. The product comes with four blades that are covered with floating sheets and each of the sheets moves independently. 

This allows the razor to follow the contours of your skin without any nicks or cuts. This wet and dry type of electric shaver is completely immersible in water. This means that you can use it without any issues in the shower or the bathtub. Cleaning the shaver is quite easy – all you have to do is run it under water. 

The hypoallergenic sheets are made of stainless steel and give you a very close shave. The film over the sheets protects the skin and helps the shaver glide smoothly. You also get extra accessories with this product – a pop up trimmer and a bikini accessory as well.  

 The device runs on a battery that takes one hour to charge and gives you 20 minutes of hair removal. If you want to do a quick touch up charge the device for five minutes and get one power shave.


  • Does not cause cuts or nicks
  • Perfect for sensitive skin
  • Comes with extra accessories
  • Needs only one hour for charging


  • Gives only 20 minutes of shaving with one charge.

5. Remington electric shaver

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With its four blades and ergonomic design, the remington electric shaver is ideal for dealing with all those tough and coarse hair without irritating the skin. Every single blade on the shaver is independent and made with hypoallergenic steel. The blades slide over the skin and are laid in such a way that they manage to remove air of all lengths from the skin without nicking or cutting the skin. 

 The product features the unique smooth glide technology that opens the leaves enough for hair removal using gels and creams. It also prevents clogging of the shaver due to hair or shaving products. In addition to these leaves, it also features clippers that help guide your hair. This is how it makes sure that there are no hair missed while you are shaving. This is why you do not need to go over an area more than once with this product. 

Moreover, the head of the shaver is tilted in such a way that it stays close to the skin. Since it’s also double sided, you can use the pearlescent side for gentle hair removal and the other one for getting a closer shave. A strip of almond oil on the razor keeps your skin smooth and soft even after you are finished shaving.


  • Completely waterproof razor
  • Almond oil strip keeps skin soft
  • No hair mist while shaving
  • Has antimicrobial properties
  • Gives 30 minutes of shaving time after one full charge
  • Comes with bikini comb and a charging stand


  • May be a little expensive for some people

6. AUCEE electric razor for women

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The multi functional electric razor has three coils, all of which perform different functions. Every single sheet features sharp stainless steel blades that are completely hypoallergenic because of which we consider this as the best razor for women’s private area.

 The front film can be used for shaving longer hair then you use the razor for pushing forward. Then you pull the razor come on the short hair are trimmed using the floating sheet. Lastly, a curved blade with teeth he’s helpful in cutting the hair. In other words, whether you have coarse and thick hair, or thin hair, this razor can handle it all. 

 It can be used in dry as well as wet settings. It’s a rechargeable device that comes with a built in 600 MH battery. You need to charge the result for two hours and it will give you 70 minutes of shaving. The design is compact enough to fit into any kind of bag. The product also features an LED screen which tells you how much charge is left and when you need to clean the device. 

It also comes with a charging cable, or cleaning brush, a protective cover, and a user manual.


  • Hypoallergenic blades
  • Multi functional usage
  • 70 minutes of shaving with a single charge
  • LED screen to find out how much charge is left and when do you need to clean the device.


  • May not last very long if not handled correctly

7. Braun silk-epil

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If you want to maintain longer windows between your shaving periods, this is the right product for you. Not only is it capable of removing the most thick and coarse hair, but it also keeps the hair from coming back for weeks. This device is also capable of removing very short hair without any pain or irritation. 

It comes with a large head which is equipped with the micro grip tweezer technology that removes the hair from beneath the surface. You can use this device in wet as well as dry conditions and also in the shower. Since that is completely 100% waterproof, it is also very easy to clean the tool. 

 With this tool, you will get several types of caps for different purposes. The cutting cap can be used in bikini areas, and the normal cap can be used for removing hair from the other parts of your body. It also comes with a bonus facial brush that can remove your makeup and give you a deep cleansing massage.


  • Prevents air from coming back for longer periods of time.
  • Does not cause irritation of the skin
  • Can be used wet as well as dry
  • Easy to clean
  • Several caps for multi-functional usage


  • Some people may find it a little painful in the beginning.

8. Finishing touch hair remover

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This trendy device fits in the palm of your hand and gently glides on your skin with the lightest pressure to remove even the most coarse and rough hair. The ergonomic design of the device also ensures that you maintain a good grip. 

It has four rotating heads, and incredibly sharp blades that give you a close and personal shave. The openings in the heads help in guiding the hair towards the blades for a close shave. In order to ensure that the heads remain sensitive to touch and are hypoallergenic, they are coated with 18 karat gold. This makes them suitable even for those people who are generally allergic to metals. 

 The shaver also comes with an LED light which gives you direction even when you’re shaving in the dark. You can use this device for precision fading, scalp reduction, and com cutting as well. The rechargeable battery holds charge for more than one hour. Having said that, you cannot build this device in the shower because of the battery.


  • Blades are adjusted for zero overlap
  • 18 karat gold ensures there is no irritation
  • LED light helps with shaving even in the dark


  • Cannot be used in the shower

9. Remington women’s shaver

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The three blade shaver by remington comes with an updated ergonomic design that is capable of capturing even the coarsest hair from all the angles. The device is also cordless and compact, so you can take it on your travels quite easily. 

With the wet and dry type of shaver, which means that you have the freedom to use it in the shower as well. The special design of the shaver lifts, guides, and cuts hair that are lying flat on your skin. This results in silky and smooth skin, which lasts for a very long time. You can even use this device in the bikini line and for quick touch ups as you are just getting out of the door. 

The device runs on two AAA batteries and comes with hypoallergenic foil which is suitable for sensitive skin as well. It’s also quite affordable and you can charge it quite easily too.


  • Travel friendly and portable
  • Quite affordable
  • Three blades that guide and cut the hair


  • Does not provide as close a shave as manual shavers.

10. Schick hydro silk electric shaver

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Designed like a two edged sword, this shaver acts as a razor on one side and you can use it as a bikini comp on the other side. It also comes with a serum flask which keeps your skin moisturized and plump up to two hours after the shave. 

The razor features 5 blades which are made of hypoallergenic stainless steel. This prevents irritation or reddening of the skin, while also giving you as close a shave as possible. The device also comes with a customizable trimmer which you can adjust according to your personal preference. You can choose between four different com settings and use the customized trim length for a cleaner look and feel. 

The blades are also curve sensing, which means that they can move according to the contours of your body, preventing nicks and cuts. The trimmer is also waterproof, so you can use it in and out of the shower without any difficulties. 


  • Works as a razor and trimmer
  • Comes with a moisturizer
  • Customizable trimmer length
  • Quis nostrud exercitation


  • Refill blades are quite expensive

Buying Guide for Women’s Electric Razor for Coarse Hair

Here are the most important factors worth considering when you are looking for an electric shaver for coarse hair:-

1. Blades

Coarse and rough hair usually needs super sharp blades that can remove the hair in one swipe, without pulling or yanking the hair. This will make the shaving experience more comfortable and efficient and will also give you a painless and effortless shave. Also make sure that the shaver tells you when to replace the foils and blades, so that you can maintain the performance of the razor. 

2. Multiple cutting elements

More than one blade in an electric razor gives you a significant advantage and creates a better shaving experience. More blades also means that more cores here are removed in just one swipe. You should look for an electric razor that comes with at least three cutting elements. This can also mean that the razor should have one floating foil and two blades. 

3. Wet and dry usage

If you want to be versatile, you want your razor to support both dry and wet usage. This is because wet shaving is perfect for coarse and rough hair. The water helps soften the hair and makes them come off more easily. You can also use special shaving creams and gels forward shaving that will improve the quality of the shave. 

 Dry shaving is preferable if you only have a limited amount of time for shaving. You can do the jobs just before you are out of the door with their shave and remove the course here in just a couple of minutes. 

4. Ease of use

The best electric shavers are those that not only remove coarse hair quite easily, but also are quite easy to use. The handle should have proper grip so that you can use it even when it is wet and it should fit comfortably in your hand. The razor should not be slippery and bulky, so that it doesn’t slip or cause fatigue. 

5. Miscellaneous features

You can also look for some added features depending on your requirements. Some razors also come with specialized moisturizers that you can use after shaving. On the other hand, some of the best razors feature a built in led light that helps you see in the dark. You can also opt for a flexible head and a floating foil that can move according to the contours of your body and give you a smooth shave. 


There are plenty of options to choose the best women’s electric razor for coarse hair. You can choose between a variety of miscellaneous features, depending on your requirements. The products featured in the list above are all top of the line and will work brilliantly to give you as close a shave as possible.

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What does SEO website optimization include?

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  1. Identify the criteria and problems that most negatively affect search engine rankings.
  2. Creating a semantic core, the words, the correct structure of the site.
  3. Improvement of optimization, both external and internal.
  4. The elaboration of the functional of the site, which is also very influential on the rating.
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Advantages and disadvantages of SEO

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  2. Positions on the first page or the first lines in the search. This gives more credibility to visitors.
  3. SEO optimization makes it possible to make potential customers into real customers by improving the site.
  4. Together with SEO promotion can be used and other types of promotion. One does not interfere with the other. In addition, you can get more guarantees for a good result.
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  6. Improving functionality. This is an integral part of site optimization. This will make it convenient for clients to use the services.

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Digital marketing agencies always warn clients about the downsides and problems that may arise, but they are not significant.

SEO promotion does not give results immediately. It takes a long time. Usually the first fruits of efforts are noticeable in 3-4 months, but to see concrete changes, you need about a year. The complex of all actions has a cumulative effect. Specialists should constantly work with the site, analyze and improve it.

It is also worth knowing that the result is influenced not only by the SEO employee. Ranking and success also depends on the search engine itself, which is constantly changing its algorithms, and from competitors. When ordering SEO promotion, you should understand that there are a lot of people and they all want to promote their website to the top of the search engine.

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Managed IT services are a great way to streamline your operations, reducing the complexity of your IT infrastructure. You’ll also get a dedicated contact for all your IT needs, budgeting, and forecasting assistance. Managed service providers can help you with everything from servers, storage, and networks to desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.

Access to Expert IT Teams

One of the most significant benefits of managed IT services is that you’ll have a dedicated team who can help with all your IT needs. You’ll have one point of contact who can provide answers on any topic, no matter how basic or complex it may be. Having an expert available means, you don’t have to spend valuable time researching different solutions or spending hours on the phone with customer service representatives trying to figure out what went wrong when your system is down. Your dedicated IT team can also help avoid costly mistakes by providing recommendations based on years of experience in the industry and best practices from around the world.

Data Security

Data security is a significant concern for small businesses. With the prevalence of hacking, phishing scams, and other threats, it’s crucial to take action to ensure that your website is as secure as possible. A third-party IT provider can help you address this issue by monitoring your site for malware and ensuring it receives regular updates. Taking care of these things on your behalf allows you to focus on what matters most—providing quality customer service and growing your business. Not only is data security essential, but business continuity is another pillar of expert service. With an IT partner like ConnectWise, you can benefit from their BDR solution so your site and data can be quickly and efficiently recovered during an emergency or downtime. Backup and disaster recovery planning are essential to a reliable and successful digital company.

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Ensure Compliance

Compliance is essential to you and your customers. It helps you stay in business, and it helps you remain competitive.

Compliance ensures that the information and data you collect daily are secure, so your customers’ confidential personal details won’t be exposed. If regulations are not met and protected, there could be severe consequences for both parties involved: fines, loss of reputation, etc. In addition to protecting customer data from breaches or leaks at any point during its lifecycle—from collection through disposal—compliance also helps ensure that all communications are encrypted end-to-end for complete protection of your company data.

Increased Productivity

In an ideal world, you’d have unlimited funds and resources to invest in improving your customer experience. However, this is not the case for most businesses. Managed IT services companies can help with this problem by providing proactive support, maintenance, and troubleshooting so that your employees can focus on other business needs.

Improved productivity is another benefit of managed IT services. When issues arise during peak business hours or when they need immediate attention, having a team of experts who knows how to fix the problem quickly will increase employee satisfaction, leading to better retention rates among your workforce. This also leads to improved revenue due to less downtime for your company’s operations (and, therefore, more satisfied customers).

SMBs with a Comprehensive IT Strategy are More Likely to Succeed

Your business is only as good as its technology. The right tools and systems can help you grow, and the wrong ones can hold you back. A comprehensive IT strategy will ensure that your business has everything it needs to operate smoothly, efficiently, and profitably.

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Managed IT services are a good option for many small businesses because they provide expertise and efficiency that may not be available in-house. In addition to providing these benefits, they also reduce costs by eliminating the need for multiple vendors and management overhead costs associated with internal support teams. With managed services providers in place who understand your business needs—and how best to meet them—you don’t have to worry about distractions like system downtime or security breaches that could lead customers away from using your products or services altogether.

If you’re looking to improve customer experience and streamline your business processes, there is much to be said for managed IT services. With the right partner in place, you can rest assured that your technology will work smoothly and efficiently while freeing up valuable human and financial resources that can be put toward other critical growth areas.

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