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Paris Hilton reacts to Johnny Depp’s cameo in Rihanna’s fashion show



Paris Hilton reacts to Johnny Depp’s cameo in Rihanna’s fashion show

Paris Hilton has supported Johnny Depp after he was criticized for appearing on Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty show.

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor shared his 40-second cameo at the fashion show on Instagram.

“Thank you @badgalriri #SAVAGEFENTYSHOW Vol.4 out now @primevideo,” the superstar wrote in the post.

The This Is Paris star left a fire emoji in the comments section as he appeared to side with Depp amid ongoing criticism over his controversial cameo appearance.

Ever since the news broke that Rihanna would invite Depp to her fashion show, several social media users have expressed her disappointment.

Some social media users don’t think Depp should become a hero after his ex-wife, Amber Heard, accused him of domestic violence.

“You would think all the people Rihanna would know better than asking Johnny Depp for something,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

“She used to be okay with some troublesome people. But touching Johnny Depp seems crazy to me. Especially with what she went through,” one user commented. “I never expected such a powerful woman to succumb to the #MeToo backlash. Very disappointing,” another user wrote.

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Get a stylish belt for yourself



Get a stylish belt for yourself

There are far too many fashion rules nowadays, and it may seem that both men and women should express themselves freely. At the same time formal things such as job-related meetings, weddings, educational events, require formal attire to match the atmosphere. One will look ridiculous in a Hawaiian shirt and short jeans at the presentation for sponsors, unless it takes place right there in Hawaii. So for the most cases men require a formal set of clothes for the occasions specified.

Getting a formal attire

The most common formal outfit for men is at least a two-piece suit combined with a shirt, a necktie, and dress shoes. For hot weather one could choose dress pants and a shirt along with dress shoes. Consider getting a personal-tailored suit: made from a quality textile and from an experienced tailor, one suit could be used for years after you first wore it. The shirt should be in white or light blue color, depending on a suit color; usually white shirt is a most common variant which is easier to find and to fit for all suit colors. With dress shoes you could be creative: smooth leather or any texture, light brown for summer and deep brown or even black for winter, dark blue can also be considered – it makes you look more stylish.

While in some cases you can omit the necktie and cufflinks to your clothing set, getting the belt is a must. And to get a right belt you should know several tips. First one is that the belt for the formal outfit must look like it is made of leather, or be made of leather in ideal situations. You can shop for the men’s leather belts here. Considering the belt color, it has to be said that black feels more classical but brown is also the default choice for a formal suit. Just be sure that your belt matches your shoes in color. Also you should know that the best match would be not only in color of your belt and shoes, but also in their texture: both your shoes and belt should be made from crocodile leather or smooth leather.

While you shop online, getting the right size of your belt is the easiest if you add a number to your jeans size. Wearing 32? Look for a belt in 34 and it should feel good on you. The width of the belt should also match the width of your pants’ belt loops. When you fit the belt on your actual pants, the most fitting belt would be the one that feels good when you fasten it on a third hole. The automatic buckle makes fitting even easier and also it helps get rid of holes – you can consider this variant, too.

What about less formal events?

Even going out with friends, a man should use a belt for his pants or jeans to get a complete look. Thankfully the demands for casual look are not as severe: you can choose a textile belt, a leather belt, you can also experiment further – how about a dark red crocodile leather belt? If it fits your style and the palace you’re going to, why not? Fortunately, today you can shop literally anywhere on the planet and brag to your friends about the rare leather belt you got online, or just show up in the complete outfit.

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Why do we ask: Are Valicci jewelry authentic?



Why do we ask: Are Valicci jewelry authentic?

In light of the devastating effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, the internet has made it easier to continue trading. However, as the demand for online shopping grows, so does the number of suspected and confirmed cases of fraud. One suspected scam is Valicci jewelry. Recently there was a discussion about buying bracelets and necklaces from Valicci. Most people think they are not real. That’s why I have a question: are the Valicci jewelry authentic?

Some have not yet decided where is the best place to put their Valicci. They are not sure about the product, but they are not entirely sure that the Valicci jewelry is not real.

Perhaps you want to buy jewelry from Valicci but are not sure whether to do business with Valicci as you increasingly suspect that this is the reality.

Due to many aspects, it is generally not possible to determine if Valicci jewelry is authentic. Therefore, we cannot decide for you. However, this article discusses these aspects and provides some insight into these aspects.

This allows you to decide whether to buy jewelry from Valicci or not.

If you are trying to find out the truth about Valicci jewelry and deciding whether to buy it from our online store, read on for more details and explanations.

What are Varich Changes?
Valicci Overhaul is an online shopping platform that sells a wide range of stainless steel jewelry. This is an American site where users can check out the set of items and product features according to the description of the portal. The most notable feature of this site is that the products can be purchased for free, but you have to pay for shipping. Valicci Overhaul offers worldwide shipping, including the US. Valicci Overhaul accepts various payment methods so you can pay online.

Site review
Here is an overview of

Valicci website name
Site type: Online store
Website link:
Email: No
Registration date April 2021.
OWNER AND COMPANY INFORMATION Owner’s name not specified.
Company Location: The address listed on the return policy page is: 719 Matthews Mint Hill Road, Suite I #931 Mint Hill, North Carolina 28227. However, when I check Google Maps, I don’t see any business with a name that mentions Valicci.
Contact phone: Not published on the operator’s website. This shows that Valicci is clearly trying to hide information. It also makes online shopping less reliable.
Returns and Exchanges Their return policy on the website is considered very difficult for customers to qualify for an exchange and return of a product, which means that it is almost impossible.
The site is protected by SSL encryption. They also claim that they can lower the cost of their products by offering deals and offers. In addition, they accept various payment methods.

However, there is no return address, no contact details, no social media hyperlinks. In addition, there are no trust seals that can be used to identify authorized entities.

Reportedly, this website does not use original images. They use stolen content.

Is Valicci jewelry legal?
From all of the above important evidence, we can conclude that has many warning indicators. Those who did not heed the warning were very unhappy with their purchase as it was a cheap imitation that was far from the quality advertised on the site.

Some customer complaints include the site’s inability to track orders, even if they paid $70 or more in shipping. Others have complained about receiving error messages such as “Information not available. We are not yet able to determine your phone number.”

If the order was delivered, what the customer received was different from the image on the site.

What happened? Customers have complained that they can’t get help because they can’t access their contact information on the site.

This is because there is no return address and you are not eligible for an exchange.

All this to say that Valicci is one of the dubious sites worth looking into.

Buying at Valicci Overhaul is clearly not the best choice and certainly not worth the money. There are other reliable online stores where you can purchase the jewelry you want.

final verdict
Online shopping has made our lives more convenient, but it can be difficult to identify legitimate online stores among the thousands of online stores available. Valicci Over lacks user reviews

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Fashion brands must embrace sustainable clothing production



Fashion brands must embrace sustainable clothing production

It’s time to persuade fashion high street brands to embrace a more sustainable approach to clothing production, writes Dr Alan Hudd, the founder of digital textile dyeing and finishing company, Alchemie Technology.

Although the fashion and textile industry is one of the most polluting on the planet, second only to oil and gas, consumers remain largely unaware of its real impact on our environment.

The fashion industry is in fact the second largest cause of industrial water pollution in the world – and is responsible for 10% of global carbon emissions, more than international flights and shipping combined.

In the UK alone, consumers continue to buy an average of 26kg of clothing every year. But while the impact producing these clothes is having on our planet is a real problem, fashion brands continue to ignore the root cause of the ever-growing environmental issue they are causing.

Now is the time for action, and for industry leaders and fashion brands to lead by example.

One of the most damaging elements of the garment manufacturing process is the dyeing of fabrics, and addition of properties such as wicking and waterproofing, which are still done by decades-old – and highly polluting – traditional methods.

To put the scale of the issue into perspective, the total amount of clothes we buy globally creates 553 billion tonnes of CO2 and 8.3 trillion tonnes of dye-polluted wastewater each year – from the dyeing process alone.

And if fashion brands don’t act now to change the way their clothes are dyed, the CO2 emissions generated by clothes production are predicted to reach 2.5 gigatonnes by 2050.

These figures are particularly worrying in the context of the growing global energy crisis we are currently facing.

What is the fashion industry doing to embrace sustainable clothing production

Fashion designer Stella McCartney has been a pioneer of environmentally responsible fashion for over 20 years, committed to circularity and protecting the planet for tomorrow. Most recently, at her Paris Fashion Week show, her SS23 line featured the “world’s first-ever luxury bag crafted from mycelium”, while another collection used grape waste to create a plant-based alternative to animal leather.

Another brand making positive sustainable waves in the luxury fashion space is Pangaia. With a similarly environmentally focussed mission, Pangaia’s climate positive strategy focusses on minimising waste, increasing efficiencies, with a particular focus on reducing their water footprint. Just this month, the brand announced their latest capsule collection, in which the garments have been dyed with food waste ingredients as an alternative to reactive dyes, minimising the use of chemicals and utilising food waste.

But while some high-end designers are paving the way for change, getting high street fashion brands to adopt similarly sustainable production methods is a much harder ask.

A growing trend in the world of high-street fashion is for brands to appoint celebrity ‘sustainability ambassadors’ in the hope that famous faces will promote sustainable behaviour amongst consumers and spark positive change.

Perhaps the most well-known example of this is fast fashion giant Boohoo, who announced their partnership with reality TV star Kourtney Kardashian Barker in September. While her 45-piece collection is set to be made from recycled cotton and polyester, critics have pointed out that this is not a big enough change, with the collection only representing a tiny proportion of the 40,000 annual styles released by the company.

Other brands, like PrettyLittleThing, have turned their attention to reselling, launching celebrity-endorsed resale platforms where consumers can sell their unwanted clothes in return for a discount off their next purchase on the brand’s website. While this move demonstrates an effort to move away from their ‘throwaway fashion’ label, the offer of a discount – thereby encouraging customers to buy yet more new clothes – shows they have missed the mark.

Understandably, moves such as these have faced huge backlash for being disingenuous and ‘too little too late’, but accusations of greenwashing are not overly helpful. Any step, however big or small, to generate debate around sustainability in fashion surely must be regarded as a positive.

However, overhauling the way our fashion is produced and embracing more sustainable clothing production would be far more beneficial to the planet than investing in celebrity-endorsed marketing campaigns.

The good news is that the technology exists for the fashion industry to stop the pollution caused by dyeing our clothes in its tracks and reverse the damage it is making to our environment.

As a company, Alchemie Technology is on a mission to encourage brands and clothing manufacturers around the world to switch to alternative dyeing methods.

Research has shown that if textile dye houses around the globe were to switch to waterless dyeing systems 470 billion tonnes of CO2 and 7.9 trillion litres of wastewater could be saved from damaging the environment each year.

For many fast-fashion brands, profit remains the number one focus, and as such adopting a new, innovative technologies such as this is not often a priority.

There is the often perception that opting for the sustainable option is more expensive, but this certainly isn’t always the case. In fact, by adopting energy-efficient, sustainable dyeing methods now, brands are not only being kinder to the environment but they are also making substantial energy and water savings at a time when energy costs continue to soar, and the problem of water scarcity, is threatening the very survival of the manufacturers that brands depend on. The working conditions are also far cleaner, safer, and less damaging than using dye baths full of chemicals.

It’s all about thinking long term. If fast-fashion giants really want to show their commitment to sustainability, they would invest in cleaner manufacturing solutions and more sustainable clothing production and would encourage their suppliers to do so too.

About the author: Dr Alan Hudd is the founder of digital textile dyeing and finishing company, Alchemie Technology. The company has developed a low carbon, waterless, digitally controlled dyeing solution to reduce the amount of water used by 95%. It is said to produce no polluted wastewater and reduces energy consumption by 85% compared to traditional dyeing.

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