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Top Things You Need To Know About India Cricket Tour of Pakistan



Top Things You Need To Know About India Cricket Tour of Pakistan

India and Pakistan have been long-standing rivals in the cricketing world. And while the two nations have so far not played a bilateral series against each other because of political tensions, that could soon change. Both countries are set to host separate home and away Tests against each other as part of their respective ICC Future Tours programs. India’s tour is currently scheduled for November-December 2022, but with the current political climate between both countries, anything can happen. So here’s what we know about India’s upcoming tour of Pakistan up until now.

What is the full schedule of India’s Tour of Pakistan?

The Indian cricket team’s tour of Pakistan is likely to take place in late November-December 2022, with two Tests and three One Day Internationals (ODIs) scheduled to be played in Lahore, Multan, and Karachi respectively. The full schedule of India’s tour of Pakistan is yet to be finalized and could change according to the political climate between both countries. The Indian cricket board (BCCI) has not yet announced the dates for the series. However, the dates for the 2020/2021 season have already been announced. As a result, there is a window for the series to take place in late November-December 2022.

When will India vs Pakistan series be played?

As mentioned, the current schedule for the series sees India vs Pakistan tour taking place in late November-December 2022. The BCCI has not yet announced the dates for the series. However, the dates for the 2020/2021 season have already been announced. As a result, there is a window for the series to take place in late November-December 2022.

Where will India vs Pakistan match be played?

The two Tests and three ODIs of India’s tour of Pakistan are scheduled to be played at the following venues: 

  • Multan Cricket Stadium, Multan – One Test match – November 26-30, 2022
  • Lahore Cricket Stadium, Lahore – Two Test matches – December 04-08 and 14-18, 2022 
  • Karachi Cricket Ground, Karachi – Three ODIs – December 21, 23, and 25, 2022

What is India’s current squad for the tour of Pakistan?

India’s squad for the tour of Pakistan is yet to be announced. However, a few cricketers are expected to have a role to play irrespective of the team’s composition. The likes of Virat Kohli, R Ashwin, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Jasprit Bumrah, and Ravindra Jadeja are expected to be a part of the squad. 

The squad for the tour of Pakistan will be chosen by the selectors on the basis of the team’s recent performances. Ahead of the tour, the team will also play a few Test matches in the West Indies. The squad for the tour to the Caribbean will be selected by the team management.

Prediction for the India Cricket Tour of Pakistan

We predict that this match will be an all-out battle between these two cricketing giants and will be a crackerjack of a contest. For this upcoming match, we’d like to predict that India will win this game by a narrow margin, giving the fans from both nations all the reasons to celebrate.

FAQ: Everything you need to know about India’s tour of Pakistan!

  1. Will India tour Pakistan? 

As of now, the tour is scheduled to take place in late November-December 2022. However, the dates for the series will be finalized only after both the Indian and Pakistani cricket boards agree to host the series. 

  1. Will the series be played in Pakistan? 

Yes, the two Tests and three ODIs of the series are scheduled to be played in Lahore, Multan, and Karachi respectively. The venues will be finalized once the BCCI agrees to host the series in Pakistan. 

  1. Will the series be against a Pakistan team? 

Yes, if the tour takes place as scheduled, India will play against a Pakistan team. 

  1. Will the series be played in stadiums? 

Yes, the two Tests and three ODIs will be played in stadiums. The venues will be finalized once the BCCI agrees to host the series in Pakistan. 

  1. Will the Indian cricket team tour Pakistan? 

Yes, if the tour takes place as scheduled, the Indian cricket team will tour Pakistan. 

  1. Will the Indian cricket team be safe in Pakistan? 

It is yet to be seen if India will tour Pakistan. However, India’s government has been more favorable towards a bilateral series against Pakistan than in the recent past. So yes, the Indian cricket team will be as safe in Pakistan as anywhere else. 

  1. Will the Indian team travel to Pakistan? 

Yes, if the tour takes place as scheduled, the Indian team will travel to Pakistan.


This upcoming India Cricket Tour of Pakistan is the perfect opportunity for fans from both sides to come together and celebrate the spirit of cricket. So, whether you are an Indian or a Pakistani, do catch this exciting match to celebrate the spirit of cricket!

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10 Best Wave Brushes in 2022 [OUR TOP PICKS]



Most of the rappers and basketball players in the NFL and NBA these days are sporting impressive waves in their hair, no wonder they must be using some of the best wave brushes around. Whether it is the low-cut caesar waves or jheri-curls, this hairstyle has definitely captivated a lot of men all over the world. 

 One of these trends is 360 waves that look like rippled circles. And if you want to get these oceanic waves, you are going to need some special tools like wave brushes for training your curls to flatten out. Following is a list of the best wave brushes that you can find in the market right now, followed by a buying guide to pick the right product for you.

Best Wave Brushes Reviews

1. Torino Pro Wave Brush

This particular wave brush is a medium sized tool which is built with 100% pure boar bristles, and is one of the most premium wave brushes you can never find. It is soft enough that it can be used on short and fresh cuts, without damaging your scalp, but also firm enough to give the right shape to rough and coarse hair. 

The brush head is curved in such a way that it is contoured precisely with the shape of your head. This gives you more coverage and also increases the pull of the brush. It also has a pointed tip which can isolate the crown, and results in spending less time brushing, and waiting for results. 

Having said that, there are certainly some drawbacks to this product. While it works flawlessly with all kinds of hair textures, it doesn’t work well with all hair lengths. If you have longer hair, this is not the right tool for you. Moreover, overtime, there is also the problem of shedding of bristles. Torino Pro is the best wave brush for coarse hair since it has pure boar bristles. 


  • 100% pure boar bristles
  • Works on all hair textures
  • Can be used on fresh cuts without irritating the scalp
  • Contoured according to the shape of the head 
  • Pointed tip


  • Can be a bit expensive
  • Does not work well for longer hair

2. Crown Quality Wave Brush

This is the first true soft bristle wave brush in the market, and it has been designed specifically to train and lay your hair in perfect waves. It is also well suited for people who have thinner hair and like to keep their hair cut short. 

The product has been designed in such a way that it gives you quick results, while reducing brushing time. It has a contoured, ergonomic design which makes it quite easy to use, and it is curved according to the shape of the head for increased comfort and efficiency. 

The brush has 11 rolls of soft flex bristles, which are distributed in such a way that it maximizes the natural shine and luster of your hair. There is no handle, and you have to hold the brush head directly in your hand. The high gloss finish, and the iridescent logo on the solid wooden body of the brush also enhances its looks. 


  • Efficient brush design that gives fast results
  • Comfortable grip for better leverage and feel
  • Sophisticated looks
  • Gives maximum shine and luster


  • Not effective on long hair
  • Bristles may get soft with time

3. Magic Collection Wave Brush

If you are looking for a budget soft-bristle wave brush, then this reinforced boar bristle palm brush by Magic Collection is the right product for you. It has soft bristles that are particularly well suited for shorter and thinner hair, and also promote luster and shine in the hair. 

The brush stimulates your scalp without any irritation or risk, and comes with a round frame that is designed to fit snugly in your palm. It is made of durable, solid wooden frame that allows comfortable handling of the brush as well as ensures that you get maximum pull. 

Having said that, one of the biggest drawbacks of this brush is that it is not made of 100% boar bristles. The boar hair in this brush is supplemented by synthetic nylon hair. Moreover, it does not have a contoured shape, so you will have to spend a little extra time and effort in brushing. Since it is a soft bristle brush, it also does not work very well with thick or long hair. Magic collection is one of the best wave brush for wolfing. 


  • Budget friendly
  • Does not irritate the scalp
  • Offers strong pull


  • Not made of 100% boar bristles
  • Does not have any contouring for easy handling

4. Kingston Grooming Wave Brush

The medium firmness brush by Kingston Grooming is made of 100% pure boar bristles, and is made with premium quality products to deliver you an unparalleled experience. This wave brush emphasizes versatility along with enhanced performance. 

It has reinforced medium boar bristles that can train even the most difficult and rough hair, and it does so without irritating your scalp. You can also use this brush for working on your facial hair and get that voluminous beard that you have always wanted. The brush also gives your hair a lustrous and clean look. 

It is made of elegant and solid beechwood, but does not come with a handle. The contour of the brush has been designed in such a way that it maximizes the contact between your hair and the bristles. Moreover, it also comes with a travel box and instruction manual.  

Because of its high-end design and manufacturing, the product can be a bit expensive for some people. But if you want those lustrous 360 waves and want a beard to match, this can be the perfect combination of products for you.


  • Medium formless bristles 
  • Works on all hair textures without irritating the scalp
  • Can be used on facial hair as well 
  • Contouring allows maximum contact between hair and bristles.


  • Can be a bit expensive
  • There may be some shedding of bristles over time

5. Diane Club Brush

The Diane 100% boar brush is perfect for people who have thicker hair and want to brush that can support both short as well as long hair.  

It is a double-sided brush, and one side has medium bristles, while the other has firm bristles. The former can be used for brushing your hair right after a haircut because it will not irritate your scalp. You can use the other side as your hair gets longer because it offers exceptional performance without losing the pull.

The brush is made with 100% boar bristles, and despite being multi-functional, is still quite affordable. However, one of the drawbacks of the brush is that it has very limited contouring and a very small handle. This results in an awkward grip which may lead to fatigue at the wrist. The long-term durability of the brush is also questionable if you get it wet. 


  • Double sided brush
  • Increased versatility, that is, can be used with short as well as long hair.
  • Quite affordable
  • Made of 100% boar bristles
  • Can be used for thick hair


  • Does not have the right contouring
  • Is not very durable if it gets wet 

6. Annie Wave Hair Brush 

The Annie Wave hair brush comes with a wooden handle and features 100% pure boar bristles that are extremely soft, so you don’t have to worry about the brush irritating your scalp. You can use this brush for smoothing your hair, and also for distributing any kind of styling products.  

It is also an excellent tool for adding volume to your hair, because it flops your hair rather than flattening it. 

The wave brushes lightweight and compact, so you can keep it in your bag and carry it without any issues. Although the handle of the brush is a little bit small at first glance, once you start using the brush, you’ll see that it is actually quite ergonomic and comfortable to use.

 The handle also has grooves on the back, which ensures that it doesn’t slip from your hand, even if you’re using it when it is wet. The one drawback of this brush is that with time, the bristles may start falling out and if this happens while you are using the brush, it can be a pain to fish the pieces out of your hair. 


  • Soft wave brush which can create volume and smoothen the hair.
  • Pure boar bristles and wooden handle 
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Grooves on the back of the handle that prevent slipping


  • Bristles may start to fall out eventually

7. Kent MG3 Wave Brush

The oval shaped wave brush by Kent is comfortable to use, has a simple design, and performs brilliantly.  

It is 5 inches long and three by 4 inches wide. The design of the brush is very simple, with pure beechwood used for making the body and white colored half inch bristles. The product is also hand finished with fine timber, and the bristles are completely natural, ensuring that you get a top-quality brush.  

It can be used with head textures of all kinds, and you can shape and manage even thick hair with this brush quite easily. The bristles are a bit stiff and hard, so it is more of a farm wave brush than medium. If you are concerned about scratching or irritating the scalp, this may not be the right product for you.  

Like with any other kind of brush, the bristles will eventually start wearing out if you do not clean and maintain the brush properly. Another drawback of this brush is that it may be a little bit expensive for some people.


  • Hard wave brush
  • Can be used with all hair textures
  • Body made with beechwood 
  • Natural bristles that are hand finished


  • A bit expensive for a wave brush

8. Diane Boar Wave Brush, D8159

Diane boar is the best wave brush for nappy hair since it features a varnished light wood handle, and bristles made both from nylon as well as boar. This brush is perfect for people who want a quality tool without burning a hole through their pocket. 

The bristles of this brush are 60% nylon and 40% boar, and they are fairly firm and hard. This is why it may not be the best brush for people who have a sensitive scalp, because the brush may scratch or irritate their skin. 

However, it’s a great brush for people who have coarse or thick hair because the brush helps in smoothing this kind of hair. It also helps in redistribution of product and natural oils from your scalp to the entirety of your head.


  • Excellent product for thick and coarse hair
  • Made with advanced implantation technology which prevents loss of bristles.
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Quite affordable 


  • Bristles may be too hard for sensitive skin
  • Does not come with 100% pure boar bristles

9. GranNaturals Wave Hair Brush

Made with handcrafted wood handles, this brush has a luxurious and sophisticated feel. It is also multipurpose in the sense that it can be used both for the hair on your head as well as on your face. It is made with boar bristles which help in distributing the natural oils from the root of your hair to the ends. 

The brush also prevents oil buildup and eliminates any kind of frizz. It helps with conditioning your hair naturally, improving volume, and adding shine to your hair. It’s a medium wave brush, so it can work very well for thick as well as thin hair. 

It is also compatible with thick curly hair, and can help eliminate any kind of excessive interlocking of hair. People with fine hair will also find this brush extremely useful. However, excessive usage of the brush may irritate your scalp, so be mindful while using it. 


  • Medium wave brush
  • Can be used for beard as well as head hair
  • Reduces frizz and conditions your hair
  • Adds shine to the hair


  • Shedding of bristles may happen now and then
  • May irritate the scalp if used too often

10. Magic Reinforced Soft Wave Brush

For people with short hair, this soft wave brush is the perfect tool. It features natural boar bristles which massage and stimulate your scalp, while also removing any excess dirt and oil, flakes, etc. The brush also cleanses your hair and increases the shine and luster. 

The handle of the brush is designed in such a way that it is extremely easy to use. Having said that, the brush is more suited for fine and thin hair. If you have rough or coarse hair, this product is almost useless for you as the bristles are only half inch long, which is not deep enough to penetrate rough hair. Due to its bristles, it’s one of the best wave brush for straight hair. 

But if you want a wave brush for just smoothening your thick hair, this brush can be helpful. Keep in mind though that it will only brush the top of your hair, and although it can prevent any flyaways and feels good, it is not really fully compatible with your hair.


  • Soft bristles suited for thin and fine hair
  • Natural boar bristles
  • Massage the scalp
  • Eliminates flyaways and smoothens the hair


  • Not suitable for long or coarse hair
  • Bristles may break off eventually 

Buying Guide for Best Brush for Waves

Here are the most important features that you need to keep in mind if you are looking for a wave brush: 

1. Bristles 

You can choose between two types of bristles, soft and hard, both of which have their own positives and negatives. 

Hard bristles may be irritating for people who have fine and short hair, but are perfect for people who have longer and thicker hair. They are also good for managing difficult to tame hair, and have the distinct advantage of creating waves more quickly than softer bristles. 

On the other hand, soft bristles are kinder and gentler on your scalp. They’re also good for flattening and toning down your curls. 

2. Shape

You can choose between round shaped and paddle shaped brushes. Paddle shaped brushes have a rectangular design, and they are quite wide and large. They also have the advantage of tackling a bigger portion of your hair at one time. They’re well suited for people who have thick and coarse hair. 

Round brushes that are contoured to the shape of your hand are best used with longer hair. They also add volume to your hair. 

3. Design

Certain design elements can be extremely helpful. For instance, a double-sided brush is a great addition if you have plans of going out your hair. These types of brushes also offer soft bristles on one side and harder ones on the other. 

Certain brushes also have vents that allow air passage. If you are going to use your brush with a hair dryer, you may want to look for one of these brushes. 

4. Material

A good wave brush is one that has natural boar bristles, because they help in polishing and layering the waves. They also help reduce frizziness and increase the luster shine of your hair. 

On the other hand, bristles that are made of nylon increase the frizz and may also not be as durable as natural bristles. You should also consider the material of which the body is made. Wood is generally a good material, especially if you use the brush with a heat styling tool because wood does not conduct heat. 

5. Handle

Many wave brushes come with a handle, while others don’t. It is better to have a wave brush with a handle, because it gives you a better grip on the brush. However, brushes that do not come with a handle may be contoured to fit into your palm in a more natural way. Ultimately, it depends entirely on your own preference. 


When it comes to choosing the best wave brush,  there is no one size fits all brush. Consider your own hair styling needs, as well as the length and texture of your hair before choosing one from the products featured above. You can go through our well researched buying guide to help you make a decision.

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Pyramid Solitaire Rules



Pyramid Solitaire Rules

The objective in Pyramid Solitaire is to induce obviate all the cards within the Pyramid. You get obviate cards by matching 2 cards whose ranks equal thirteen along. doable matches would be a three and a ten, five associated an eight etc. associate ace ranks as one, a Jack is eleven, Queen is twelve and King is thirteen.You can check the details here.

The game board in Pyramid solitaire is created from four things:

•             The Pyramid: The pyramid is created from twenty eight cards, in 7 rows. every card is partly coated by 2 cards from subsequent row.

•             The Stock: The facedown pile on rock bottom left. it’s accustomed draw cards from and placed on the Waste.

•             The Waste: The faceup pile next to the Stock. Cards on the Waste is matched to cards within the Pyramid to induce obviate the Pyramid cards. E.g. you’ll be able to drag a four from the Waste onto associate open nine on the Pyramid, and so each those cards are moved  to the muse, and area unit out of the sport.

•             The Foundation: The pile on rock bottom right, wherever cards that are off from the Pyramid area unit place.

The purpose of the sport is to match cards along thus their ranks equal thirteen. The cards that area unit obtainable area unit any card on the Pyramid that don’t have any alternative cards covering them, and also the prime card on the Waste pile. within the starting of the sport all the cards within the bottom row of the Pyramid area unit obtainable, then slowly the cards within the higher rows become obtainable as you take away additional of the cards within the lower rows.

Allowed Moves

•             Flip cards from the Stock onto the Waste. you progress cards from the Stock onto the Waste by clicking on the highest card of the Stock.

•             Move the highest card of the Waste onto associate open Pyramid card. you’ll be able to either drag the highest card of the Waste onto a Pyramid card to get rid of each of them, otherwise you will 1st click the Waste card and so click the Pyramid card. each do identical issue, you only click or drag counting on what you wish higher. The Pyramid card should be obtainable for this to figure, it cannot be coated by any Pyramid card from a lower row.

•             Move a Pyramid card onto another Pyramid card. each the Pyramid cards should be obtainable, not coated by the other card for this to figure. precisely like with the stock card you’ll be able to either drag one card onto the opposite, or 1st click on one and so click on the opposite.

•             Move a Pyramid card onto a Pyramid card that it’s covering. If, for instance, a four is covering a nine, and also the alternative card covering the nine has already been removed, then you’ll be able to move the four onto the nine. If there is another card additionally covering the nine then you cannot do that. It varies between versions of Pyramid Solitaire whether or not this move is allowed or not, I’ve set to permit it.

•             Reset the Stock once it’s empty. Once you have flipped all the cards from the Stock onto the Waste you’ll be able to click on the push wherever the Stock was, and it’ll place all the cards from the Waste back to the Stock. during this version you’re allowed to reset the Stock as persistently as you would like.

•             Move a King to the muse. the aim is to maneuver cards whose combined ranks equal thirteen to the muse. A King ranks as thirteen by itself, thus it cannot be matched with the other card. to induce obviate a King you’ll be able to merely click the cardboard once, or manually drag it onto the muse.

•             You will Undo as persistently as you wish. the sport offers unlimited undos. every Undo counts as a brand new move although, thus if you are making an attempt to win the sport in as few moves as doable you must watch out concerning what number undos you employ.


A game is taken into account won if all the cards from the Pyramid area unit removed. Not all games area unit winnable. the sport can advise you if there isn’t any likelihood of winning the sport any longer.

Time and Moves

The game counts the moves you create, and measures the time it takes to end the sport, thus you’ll be able to vie against your previous best games. the most effective doable game would be if you ne’er used the stock and continuously removed 2 cards at a time from the Pyramid (no kings), in this case your move count would be fourteen.


There area unit several variations of Pyramid Solitaire doable. In some you’ve got additional Waste piles, in others you ne’er reset the Stock, some have the Stock face-up, and there area unit many others moreover. I’ve chosen this variation, please do not email ME telling ME it’s “wrong”, there area unit several potentialities, this is often simply the one i favor the most effective.

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Play Online Bingo Games



Play Online Bingo Games

If you’ve nerver played bingo before, the gameplay is quite straightforward. It’s a classic game of likelihood involving bingo cards that contain a group of numbers. Once the sport is underway, balls with distinctive numbers on them area unit drawn from a roll cage and declared to the players. If the amount is on their bingo Card, they mark it off. the primary player to realize a selected pattern on the cardboard wins the game.

Over the years, website has had several variations, eventually evolving into a game app downloaded by millions everywhere the planet. Most free on-line bingo games follow constant rules and laws as ancient bingo, however some area unit slightly totally different. Some free bingo games additionally provide mini-games to form the sport expertise a lot of exciting.

However, the simplest free bingo games area unit those that feature multiplayer tournaments wherever you’ll play against real players. This makes the gameplay feel a lot of authentic, particularly since there area unit sometimes nice prizes,to be won!

Fancy creating some cool money off a game of chance? Here area unit the highest six bingo games that you just will play for complimentary on your mobile device.

Bingo players in Canada have {a lot|tons|plenty|heaps|loads|a nice deal} of great choices once it involves taking part in their favorite game. however however does one apprehend that website can offer your a refund a lot of quickly? Well, i am glad that question has been answered for all people who need access too sensible sites with fast payouts! This list is meant specifically thus individuals like yourself will realize precisely what they are trying to find while not having any hassle finding them first-hand by scrolling down below.

Whether you are looking for on-line casinos that provide bingo games or simply need associate degree exciting thanks to create some cash, Canada is that the place. Canadian players are going to be pleased with what they’ll realize on these sites: often sized bonuses and promotions designed particularly for newcomers for enjoying at on-line bingo games.

The best thanks to start in bingo games on-line is by taking part in free ones. The a lot of expertise you’ve got with a casino’s card space, the higher your possibilities are going to be at winning real cash throughout virtual game sessions! we have a tendency to advocate looking for our list of prime sites which provide each choices – relish yourself whereas still learning however everything works before taking part in for stakes against different players’!

Well, if you are looking for some way to pay your afternoon then taking part in bingo for real cash may be the proper choice. you’ll play reception or on one in every of our several on-line casinos and that we have masses, thus there isn’t any want go anywhere!

Bingo, the foremost common game in America, Canada and beyond! you’ll be stunned to listen to that bingo was initial documented means back when—to Wattcliffe-style games with rules thus straightforward they’ll work on one price tag. A caller calls out numbers that you tick off if it’s anEven/Odd dance orchestra… however wait there is more: players additionally keep score by crossing off all 5 squares of their chosen color before the other person has done thus too – whoever gets rid of last wins the prize!

Online bingo has been around for hundreds of years and it’s currently one in {every of} the foremost common games in nearly every country. the sport may be vie with luck or strategy; some individuals even win by drawing a card that complete mixtures like within corners, postage (alongside its matching corner), tiny diamond – simply to call few at 80-ball game, 30-Ball, 90-ball game!

When you play bingo for complimentary or real cash, the sport isn’t restricted to at least one kind of rules. The player will bounce from variant games with totally different choices and attainable mixtures that would win them money prizes! In Canada casino there area unit 3 most well liked varieties…

The 30-Ball could be a quick and exciting game. It options solely thirty numbers, that area unit drawn from associate degree eight x ten grid (the smallest bingo card). The prizes depend upon what percentage balls you get before time runs out!

Bingo on-line could be a game of luck. during this version, you get twenty five ranges from 1-75 {and then|then|so|and thus} try and create words with them by omitting bound letters or not exploitation a whole column/row at all! The seventy five ball additionally has stars around free areas which implies they are utterly unsure what number can return next so it is important not solely having the ability however staying calm fraught too.

The 80-ball game is that the good compromise for players United Nations agency need one thing quicker than ninety, however not as short or old skool. This layout options sixteen numbers in every column and color (a total of 4 colors). The winner gets large points if they use all their chances!

This 90-ball game is ideal for people who like to gamble!

The rules area unit straightforward and therefore the outcome cannot be foreseen. As an extra bonus, there is nothing like striking your target numbers with all four balls in an exceedingly row or column – it feels superb once you try this massive hit win streak happen suddenly on prime of having the ability simply have some fun tomfoolery whereas waiting at table throughout time for dinner.

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