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What is VPS Server? All You Need to Know About VPS



What is VPS Server? All You Need to Know About VPS

If you are looking for a comprehensive article about VPS. We want to answer your question about what a virtual server is in simple language and introduce you to different types of servers and hosting services.

VPS, which stands for Virtual Private Server, is a virtual and private computer with high-speed internet that is on 24 hours a day, and you can access it at any time and from any location. The virtual server is a part of the server resources that are separated by a virtualizer and provided to users in a completely dedicated way with the desired operating system; Virtual server offers features and capabilities similar to a dedicated server, But it is more economical than that.

VPS, with flexibility, scalability, and good security, is a smart choice for users who want to start an important activity with the lowest cost and the best performance and capabilities.

VPS has different types according to its function, such as a virtual server for Windows, Linux, Mikrotik, etc. In the following, we will thoroughly explain the definition of a virtual server, Its types, and its applications. And We will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of VPS and how VPS works, management and control of VPS panels.

What Is A Server?

To better understand what a VPS is, it is best first to understand the concept of a server; The definition and meaning of a server in many people’s minds when buying hosting services becomes Bold and challenging for them.

The server is a powerful and always-on computer that users expect to respond to their requests at different times and store information and data uploaded to the site. Generally, servers are the most important communication factor in the network.

If the access to the server is only within the scope of an internal network, It is called a network server, and all the computers connected to this network will be under the control of the server and will Provide their web-based needs with its help.

But if we know that this network consists of all the computers that are connected through the Internet, we are faced with a larger group of computers that are turned on and available through the Internet. The Internet server provides users with the information searched on the Internet bandwidth around the clock.

If we want to explain this subject completely, the Internet is a vast network of computers located around the world; Two computer systems create a network by communicating and exchanging information with each other.

As you know, every system has a specific address for access and identification, and by connecting to the Internet, they join its large network. They are receiving services or Servicing with their unique address on the Internet.

In this network, some systems are servicing; By entering the site address in the browser, The contents and information of the site are located in the system on which the web server is installed. A site may contain a lot of information, or many users worldwide may be connected to this site; Certainly, this site can not be supported by a simple computer.

As a result of the server as a Service Provider, In the large Internet network by sending information to the browser at any time of the day; Provides users with the content of the site that you have allowed to display and hosts your users well.

Now that you are fully acquainted with the definition of a server, we will define a virtual server.

What Is VPS Or Virtual Private?

VPS or Virtual Private Server is a small unit of server that is divided into smaller sections using the virtualization technique of a dedicated server. With the help of virtualization, a virtual version can be created from any physical server hardware; in other words, a powerful piece of hardware can be converted into multiple servers using software and virtualization.

It is excellent to have several separate servers on a dedicated physical server with different operating systems and independent resources such as RAM, CPU, etc.

For example, a virtual server is like a small unit of a building where you can rent that space for different purposes and use all the space and resources of that unit separately. Still, the hallway or elevator to access your unit (VPS) can be shared.

As we explain, VPS is a portion of a more extensive physical server but with less price than a complete physical server. Depending on the resources that you choose, the location of the server,  the virtualization technology, and the quality of your service, the price of your VPS will change.

Because VPS separates your data and OS from other VPS servers, it is really private! All of the resources inside VPS are dedicated except the bandwidth, which is shared between all VPS servers on the same physical server.

However, some providers define a specific amount of bandwidth for each plan of their VPS services. VDS is the same as a VPS, and it is the summary of a virtual dedicated server. Most of the operating systems can be installed on this service like Windows, Linux, and Mikrotik. As the owner of the VPS has superuser & admin access, running any configurations and installing any apps or software is possible.

VPS resources are always upgradable to have a more powerful server. Most of the VPS hosting companies provide services in monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually periods. Until you renew the service before the expiration date, your VPS will be kept for you.

I have heard of most of the users which ask what should be their operating system and resources to connect to VPS, I should say that it is not important what your own operating system is, or if your own laptop or computer is powerful or not, the only thing you should prepare is a good internet connection to have the best quality of connection to the VPS. if you have a good Internet connection, you won’t face lagging when using VPS.

Also, it’s better to choose the nearest location of the server to your own location to have the least ping rate, I should say the gift of a less ping is a smoother connection for you! And finally, VPS means, you don’t have to rent the street, you can rent a house on that street!

What Is Bandwidth?

Network bandwidth measures the maximum capacity of a wired or wireless communication link to transmit data through a network connection over a period of time. Bandwidth is the data transmission capacity of a computer network in bits per second (Bps).

Typically, bandwidth is displayed in the number of bits, kilobits, megabits, or gigabits that can be transmitted in 1 second;  In other words, bandwidth is the total amount of download and upload traffic and their speed and network capacity; It should be noted that bandwidth is not a factor for measuring the speed of the network and it only has the task of measuring the information that is transmitted in the network by communicating between two devices; But the amount of data that is being exchanged affects the efficiency of a transmission medium, such as an Internet connection.

For example, consider a street, If the road is wide, cars (an example for data) can pass smoothly, but if it is narrower, you will see heavy car traffic, and Cars will be harder to pass. This example states that bandwidth will belong to all existing virtual servers on the network and can be shared.

But you can get dedicated and reserved bandwidth with the help of virtualization technology and server administrator authority.

What Is A Data Center?

The data center is one of the most important physical centers globally. Too many computer servers and network equipment perform uninterrupted computing, storage, and data transfer operations.

Servers have powerful networks and hardware that consume a lot of power and generate a lot of heat that can not be maintained in a normal situation such as home because of the need for strong infrastructure and conditions for server maintenance.

Data centers provide the necessary conditions for maintaining servers. Data centers are standard locations that are highly resilient to natural disasters, have very high-bandwidth Internet infrastructure, and often have advanced security systems, ventilation, firefighting, and power distribution systems that provide emergency power systems (UPS and Diesel generators) are equipped to avoid problems.

Implementing a data center is generally based on a vast processing and storage resources network that, With the help of a powerful communication infrastructure, allows the provision of intranet services (local and intra-organizational) or Internet data transmission on a large and small scale.

The topics we explained have been for your familiarity with the data center, but this article aims to provide more important issues about the virtual server. But understanding the importance of the geographical location of the data center when purchasing a VPS and understanding the concept of the data center is somewhat necessary.

How To Create A Virtual Server?

As explained above; In order to create a virtual private server, several virtual servers are created by dividing a dedicated server with the help of virtualization technology. By sharing a dedicated server and its resources, we have a virtual server with features similar to a dedicated server and more affordable. The server administrator can provide dedicated resources for each section based on customer needs.

To better understand VPS, we gave an example of a large residential complex as a server and its units as a VPS. And each VPS has its own secure and dedicated space; Which means you will have a server with a dedicated hard drive, RAM, and CPU.

as people can make changes in their units In VPS, management is also the responsibility of the manager, and with ROOT or Administrator access, you can manage the security and speed you need without the intervention of other sources, And also have your favorite operating systems such as Linux or Windows.

As a result, in the same way, that we explained, you can use the features of the virtual server and have a secure virtual server with the desired operating system and administrator access without the need for initial server configuration.

Definition Of Virtualization

Virtualization uses hardware and hardware resources, including memory, CPU, disk, network card, etc., in a computer system to set up and use (host) more than one operating system simultaneously.

To use a system and its hardware, you need to install an operating system to manage the system; Virtualization helps you install and manage multiple operating systems on one hardware or server at the same time, and you can maximize productivity with minimal cost.

Virtualization is the technology and software infrastructure that replaces the operating system on servers and systems and is a virtual example of hardware that Simulates a physical computer for a host of multiple virtual computers. It also runs on a separate partition of the host system with the desired operating system, memory, CPU power, and other items.

It should be noted that virtualization systems are available for free or not free for different operating systems, depending on their type and function.

On the server, Virtualization is used for partitioning to turn a single server into multiple virtual servers, each running its own desired operating system. The server also needs to support virtualization technology. In this case, a server can be used in different ways and purposes, and instead of performing a specific task, Have optimal performance and also save money.

Basic VPS Infrastructure Based On Virtualization Technology

Most virtualization infrastructures are Linux-based, and most hosting companies use Linux-based virtualization infrastructures and VMWARE and KVM; After getting acquainted with virtualization technology, familiarize themselves with some examples of virtualization infrastructure:


Xen isThe fastest and most professional open-source virtual machine in the world of information technology. Xen hypervisor is based on Linux software, and In addition to Debian, Xen Virtualization supports Solaris, which is a version of Linux.

In any aspect, it is an intelligent choice because it is compatible with both Linux and Windows operating systems and does not require an operating system; You can install it directly on the hardware. Xen is light virtualization that plays an essential role in optimizing system and server resources because it takes up less RAM and space. This virtualizer is not free and is mainly used in specialized organizations.


Esxi Virtualizer is the latest version of VMware hypervisor that runs directly on hardware without the need for an operating system like Xen. Esxi, with its dedicated user panels such as VCenter, enables the management and optimization of infrastructure and server integration. Also, some of the management panels for this software are installed as modules in the hosting companies’ user panels and are available to users.

With the help of these management panels, users can access the console of the virtual server and various monitoring sections, turn the server on or off, and restart it. As a result, using Xen increases access and improves management, providing more security.

Other benefits include reduced physical infrastructure costs, high stability, highly advanced fault tolerance systems, Flexibility of activities, ease of upgrading and updating, and support for remote developers.


It is one of the best and most widely used free virtualizers that creates various Linux virtual systems and servers. One of its disadvantages is that it only supports the Linux operating system.


Virtualization is Linux based and free but requires special non-free panels to communicate with the user panel. This virtualizer has a user-friendly environment, and users and server administrators can have remote access to different parts of the virtual server by having its panels, and you can turn the server on and off and have all the steps of the boot server. ; The most popular of these panels are SolusVM and AutoVM.

KVM is used as an electronic switch for switching between servers. Its features include high speed, dedicated resources, the ability to view bandwidth consumption and VNC console online, fast installation and automatic delivery of virtual server operating system, The possibility of changing the operating system of the virtual server at any time by the user, and the user, sharing a keyboard and monitor with several different systems and the possibility of better monitoring of the user on the virtual server.

Virtual Server Applications

Virtual server has many wonderful uses; we will mention their most essential applications in the following:

To point out the applications of Windows Virtual Server, we can mention the most important reasons for choosing it because of fast data transfer and managing Forex trades; In contrast, one of the most important applications of the Linux virtual server is to create a web server, create a proxy server and even build a game server!

  • Hosting websites

Most users use shared services to host their websites, but if they have a large, high-traffic, growing site, Over time, they encounter serious problems, and also shared hosting will not meet the site’s needs. In this situation, the best choice is virtual servers with a lower cost than a dedicated server and similar features to a dedicated server.

The most common use of VPS is for sites with high traffic and number of visits and require more storage space and more powerful CPU than a shared hosting server; also, by buying a VPS, you can be sure of the security and speed of your site.

Sites that need to use VPS and shared hosting will not work well for the needs of the site:

  1. Store sites with many products and customers, and their transactions are high.
  2. Virtual schools have many participants in their classes.
  3. Video sharing sites privately and publicly share Heavy and bulky videos and files.
  4. And programming sites that use proprietary technology in their programming and need high access to the server should use a virtual server because shared hosting will not meet the needs of such sites.
  5. Email server to send unlimited emails per day

Since email marketing is one of the most powerful online sales channels, it is essential in corporate businesses; Usually, sending email services is a good choice if you have a small number of users and customers, but if you have experience using shared hosting, The limit on the number of emails you send has been annoying for you, but if you are going to send a large number of emails during the day or week and need to be privatized.

That means having a dedicated server for your emails; VPS is a great solution to overcome this limitation. It is interesting to know that you can install your desired email software on the server by accessing the server.

  • Server application to implement a specific application with dedicated resources

Most programming professionals need to run specific applications to accomplish their goals; In this case, they need to use programs on the computer that can keep it active 24 hours a day and easily manage the desired program remotely. It is possible to install the desired software, direct server management, and have dedicated service facilities for a lower cost than buying or renting a dedicated server via VPS.

  • Database server without limiting the use of database size

Unlike shared hosting, the amount of database storage space, which will often be proportional to a percentage of the shared plan or the size of the shared service, can be used in VPS without restrictions and by providing more storage space.

Also, if you have a lot of information and need to back it up constantly, buying a VPS is a wise choice, especially since using a remote virtual server, you can manage your information, and also, for more security, the database can be placed in a virtual server.

  • GIT service

This service is used for online backup and copy of developing programs, and using the GIT project management service, various programmers can put their code on a virtual server.

  • Code and project management

Virtual server has an excellent performance in the field of code and project management, especially when programmers work on the project remotely, or if separate teams for software development work together, you have to use a VPS.

  • Improve website performance

By placing different sections of your site, such as database, email, and web, on the created VDSs, you can quickly investigate the causes of the problem and find the problem. Using these facilities, if a malfunction occurs on one of the machines, the other parts will continue to operate without interruption. This feature is another VPS application to improve the performance of different parts of the site.

  • Program development and production

Virtual servers meet the needs of developers who need special services to develop large software projects.

  • Management systems and activities

A virtual server is the best solution for direct, online management of any location. It also makes it possible for everyone to use integrated management systems such as a dedicated Task Manager.

  • VPN replacement

surely you are already familiar with VPN and have used it. Using a VPN, like other protocols and software, has its drawbacks; If you want a dedicated high-speed VPN with a Fixed IP, VPS is a good alternative.

  • Game server

Today, VPS is the best solution for hosting a private gaming server due to the interest and tendency of a wide range of people to play online games and the need for gamers to speed up and ping down. Today, VPS has hosted popular games such as Minecraft, Runescape, and World of Warcraft, and their use is practically an advantage for gamers. Also, game developers can easily make their changes.

  • Digital currency transactions

Frequent slowness and outages when digital trading currencies cause huge financial losses. In financial markets such as Forex, every moment is very important. VPS can Reduce your worries during sensitive transactions without interruption and satisfactory speed with its features.

  • Test programming codes

If you have a programming company and you do various projects during the month, or you have a company whose programmers are constantly making special programs and coding; In this case, programmers need to regularly test their program code and be able to troubleshoot and fix it quickly; In addition, the forces need an information web host who can upload the entire project to it and access it from various locations such as the company, home, and so on.

In this case, VPS is one of the best and most efficient options for testing coding programs.

When Do We Need To Use A Virtual Server?

Choosing the correct server for your activity becomes clear after launching the site. Over time, you realize that you are facing problems and the server you selected is not compatible with the goals and needs of your site. The question may arise as to when VPS is the right choice for your needs; In the following, we will explain the cases that you find out when it’s time to switch your server to VPS.

  1. When site security is a significant factor for you.

VPS is the best option to use more monitoring capabilities and increase site security. If you sell products or services on your site and have payment steps, use a virtual server to improve safety.

  1. If your site traffic is growing and expanding.

If you use shared hosting to host your site and your site traffic is rising daily; In this situation, shared hosting can not have an efficient Performance, and even with increasing traffic and user input to the site due to poor management of shared hosting, your site may become inaccessible. So pay attention to the issue that if your site will have more traffic and is developing, VPS can be useful.

  1. If you have an online store.

VPS is the best option for online stores because having a proper and secure server is essential to protect credit cards against data theft. Using a secure virtual server and its admirable security features, online payment steps will be performed without worries.

  1. When the site speed decreases.

If you have set up your site on shared hosting; In fact, several sites use the same source and RAM, which definitely has a negative effect on the speed of the site. In your opinion, with the increase in content and visits to your site, will shared hosting have a desirable performance? Of course not, you will face problems.

VPS will provide good conditions for developing and improving the quality and content of your site.

  1. When you encounter more errors from the server.

Seeing errors such as Service Unavailable, X50, and Internal server error from the server indicates that it is time to change the server. These server-side problems will be problematic in the process of your activity, and it is better to fix them immediately, as VPS can be a solution to this problem.

  1. If you want to install custom software.

Having shared hosting can be a good choice for users of content management systems such as WordPress, but if you need a dedicated content management system and need to make custom settings to gain more control over your hosting, The VPS is more efficient for this request. Also, shared hosting can not support advanced applications well.

  1. If the purpose of your activity on the site is to provide services.

A virtual server with sufficient RAM and proper performance and providing multiple domains for all websites that provide services to customers; is beneficial and Appropriate.

  1. If you do not have enough money to buy or rent a dedicated server.

Because the cost of renting a virtual server is higher than a shared host, but it has an important differences from a shared host. It is also more affordable than a dedicated server while offering the same features.

If you don’t have enough budget to set up a site, VPS is the right choice. Still, by increasing the income, a dedicated server can be a better option in the future to solve site problems and increase security and resources. But try not to neglect VPS to set up the site to prevent future problems.

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What is Macbroo?

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How does Macbroo work?

Macbroo operates on a bidding system, where freelancers can submit proposals for projects posted by entrepreneurs and businesses. Freelancers can create profiles highlighting their skills, experience, and portfolio, and entrepreneurs can post projects with detailed descriptions and budgets. Freelancers then submit proposals, and entrepreneurs can choose the best candidate for the job.

Benefits for Freelancers

There are several benefits to using Macbroo for freelancers, including:

1. Access to a Large Pool of Clients

Macbroo has a large pool of clients from different industries, giving freelancers access to a broad range of potential clients.

2. Opportunity to Build a Portfolio

Freelancers can use Macbroo to build their portfolios by taking on projects in their areas of expertise.

3. Ability to Set Their Own Rates

Freelancers can set their own rates, allowing them to earn what they believe their services are worth.

4. Secure Payment System

Macbroo has a secure payment system that guarantees payment to freelancers upon completion of a project, giving freelancers peace of mind.

Benefits for Entrepreneurs

There are also several benefits to using Macbroo for entrepreneurs, including:

1. Access to a Large Pool of Freelancers

Macbroo has a large pool of freelancers from different industries, giving entrepreneurs access to a broad range of potential candidates.

2. Ability to Post Projects with Detailed Descriptions and Budgets

Entrepreneurs can post projects with detailed descriptions and budgets, allowing them to find the best candidate for the job.

3. Ability to Review Freelancer Profiles and Portfolios

Entrepreneurs can review freelancer profiles and portfolios, allowing them to choose the best candidate for the job based on their skills and experience.

4. Secure Payment System

Macbroo has a secure payment system that guarantees payment to freelancers upon completion of a project, giving entrepreneurs peace of on their skills and experience.


1. Task Manager

One of the standout features of Macbroo is its built-in task manager. With this feature, you can easily create and manage to-do lists, set reminders, and prioritize your tasks. The task manager is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy to stay on top of your workload.

2. Calendar

In addition to the task manager, Macbroo also includes a calendar feature. With this feature, you can easily schedule appointments, set deadlines, and keep track of important dates. The calendar is fully customizable, allowing you to color-code your events and set reminders for upcoming appointments.

3. Notes

Macbroo’s notes feature is perfect for taking quick notes, jotting down ideas, or brainstorming new projects. The notes feature is fully integrated with the task manager, allowing you to easily turn your notes into actionable tasks.

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  1. Find an app icon you want to use: You can either create your own custom app icon or find pre-made ones online. You can search for “iPhone app icons” on Google or browse through the App Store to find icon packs.
  2. Download a custom icon pack app: There are several third-party apps available on the App Store that allow you to customize app icons on your iPhone. Some popular ones include “Widgetsmith”, “App Icon Changer”, and “Icon Themer”.
  3. Open the custom icon pack app and choose an app to customize: Once you have downloaded a custom icon pack app, open it and choose the app you want to customize.
  4. Select a new icon: In the custom icon pack app, select a new icon for the app you want to customize. You can choose from the pre-made icons available in the app or upload your own custom icon.
  5. Add the new icon to your home screen: Once you have selected a new icon, the custom icon pack app will give you instructions on how to add the new icon to your home screen. Usually, this involves creating a new shortcut to the app with the new icon.
  6. Repeat for other apps: If you want to change the icons for other apps, repeat the process for each app.

Note that changing app icons on an iPhone using custom icon packs is not officially supported by Apple, and it may not work for all apps. Additionally, custom icons may not update automatically when you update the app.

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