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Arctic Air Pure Chill Review: Is It Worth the Money or Scam?



Arctic Air Pure Chill Review: Is It Worth the Money or Scam?

Arctic Air® Pure Chill™ is a compact personal air cooler that cools and humidifies one’s surrounding environment for utmost relief. While the concept for such a design may seem unrealistic at first, especially seeing how much space conventional air conditioners typically require, it’s the technology that permits Arctic Air® Pure Chill™ to be equally effective.

If anything, a personal air cooler is far more advantageous as it delivers cool air, allowing you to cool down small and personal space without running a large air conditioner. Before running through the features, let’s take some time to absorb the technological uses here.

The summer season can have its advantages and disadvantages. Starting with the advantages, it permits individuals to admire nature in a whole new light. How can anyone neglect the closeness that can be achieved to nature, whether through hiking, swimming, paragliding, etc.? Regarding the disadvantages, the major issues rest in the toll on one’s health.

To put things into context, incidences of dehydration may rise, pushing the body to shut down slowly. In fact, too much sweat can lead to unwanted infections. Fortunately, these hurdles can be avoided thanks to an affordable, personal air cooler. Without further ado, here’s our analysis on the one and only Arctic Air Pure Chill.

How does Arctic Air® Pure Chill™ work?

Arctic Air® Pure Chill™ is founded on the principles of evaporative cooling technology, where moisture is put to work to cool down one’s surrounding air. Specifically, this device captures moisture, then evaporates and eliminates the heat from them. The result is cool air, which is pushed out using the integrated fan modes and a multi-directional air vent.

The steps to releasing cool air from the Arctic Air® Pure Chill™ require the 450ml water tank to be filled and, finally, a simple push of the button. However, if you are interested in learning more about Arctic Air® Pure ChillTM, you will need to utilize a tool called a reverse image search, which simply requires you to upload a photo of Arctic Air Pure Chill AC, the picture’s URL, or a keyword in order to provide you with information on the discount price of Arctic Air Pure Chill AC, its features, and its user guide. Bearing in mind the fundamentals of this device, we can now review its list of features.

What features does Arctic Air® Pure Chill™ carry?

Arctic Air Pure Chills is portable, compact, and lightweight, and there are three fan modes with a flexible vent. By happy chance, there are several other features worth reflecting upon. Precisely:

Can Last the Whole Day For Every Refill

Arctic Air® Pure Chill™ can last up to a whole day, depending on one’s uses. If the fan mode is set high, the 450ml water tank might deplete much faster than at a lower setting. Additionally, leaving the device to run consistently throughout the day will consume most of the water. Hence, individuals need to carefully use Arctic Air® Pure Chill™ so that refills do not become frequent.

LED Night Light Control

In addition to its cooling effect, the Arctic Air Pure Chill also delivers an array of LED lights that are soft on the eyes and creates a soothing atmosphere for restfulness. Individuals can either choose to select a hue or let the device automatically alternate between the seven color options, Purple, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Red, Green, and Aqua.

Quiet Operation

A common hindrance linked to conventional air conditioners is their noisy nature. For people who easily get distracted by the sounds, it can negatively impact productivity levels. Fortunately, the latter isn’t a concern with Arctic Air® Pure Chill™.

Humidifying Effect

Pairing an air cooler with a humidifier is ideal for summer conditions. It can help bring down the temperature in your personal space, consequently allowing individuals to crank up the Arctic Air Pure Chill. Most of all, it can help refresh your surrounding air, making it fresh and easier to breathe., especially when there is a transition in seasons.

Secure Water Tank

A concern that individuals may have to pertain to Arctic Air® Pure Chill™ is the water tank’s level of secureness. The team behind this device affirms that the 450ml water tank is found atop has been designed to limit the risk of spills and unwanted messes.

How much does Arctic Air® Pure Chill™ cost?

There are four distinct options to choose from at checkout on the official website. Specifically:

1 Arctic Air Pure Chill unit: $89.95

2 Arctic Air® Pure Chill™ units: $179.98

3 Arctic Air® Pure Chill™ units: $202.99

4 Arctic Air® Pure Chill™ units: $247.99

Moreover, each purchase will be protected by a 60-day money-back guarantee. Should Arctic Air® Pure Chill™ fail to unveil its full effects, customer service can be contacted Monday – Friday – 9:00 am – 6:00 pm EST for a full purchase price refund. Listed below is a summary of contact information to have on hand:

Phone: +1 (866) 955 4574


Distributed by: Ontel Products, 21 Law Drive, Fairfield, NJ 07004

Final Verdict

With summer expected to bring a series of heatwaves this year, individuals need to reflect upon all possible ways to keep cool. One device that may come in handy is the Arctic Air Pure Chill. Upon first sight, it resembles a small box that can be placed nicely onto one’s lap.

However, its ability to deliver is like none other, as it can deliver a rush of cool air helping you stay cool on these hot days. After investigating the list of features, we noticed that many of them are found in standard air-cooling devices. Hence, there isn’t anything that particularly stands out about it. Taking the latter into account, we can affirm that the Arctic Air® Pure Chill™ is the cheapest by far, which is the only true factor that sets it apart from the rest.

Affiliate Disclosure:

The links contained in this product review may result in a small commission if you opt to purchase the product recommended at no additional cost to you. This goes towards supporting our research and editorial team and please know we only recommend high quality products.

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Find Perfect Keywords for your Google Play Store Ranking.



Find Perfect Keywords for your Google Play Store Ranking.

Google Play Store is the most popular choice for a broad spectrum of worldwide users. With more than three million apps and two billion active users, it facilitates the best promotional platform for your app.

Generally, app store visitors use Google Play to search for well-known apps or to find new ones. To help them to discover your app quickly, the keywords you use in the app title and description must match their search queries. You can choose from the market’s several Free Aso Keyword Tools for keyword recommendations and ranking. It, in turn, will improve your app’s traffic and showcase your app to a relevant audience.

Significance of app store optimization for your Google Play app.

  • Targeting the right audience is vital for the app’s growth. To take your app to the target audience and to effectively promote your app, implementing an app store optimization (ASO) strategy will be the most economical and ideal method.
  • ASO works similarly to SEO (search engine optimization). An app store optimization strategy ensures your app is shown among the top search results when the app visitor searches for a specific feature.
  • App store optimization is the perfect way to boost your app installs organically. ASO identifies for you the factors that favor the Google Play Store algorithm. A high-rated and well-performing app has more chances of being featured or recommended by the app store.
  • When your app store search results are optimized using the most relevant keywords, your app’s organic impressions and downloads will surge.
  • Performing in-depth keyword research is vital to the app store optimization process. Make a list of words/terms that promptly convey the app’s features. From the pooled words, choose the ones that are most relevant to your app’s category and target audience. Explore and test the performance of the keywords and the ranking they can secure. 
  • Ultimately, using keywords that match the user’s search queries will drive traffic and rank well to achieve optimized app visibility. Try using an App Ranking Tracker to lessen your burden of researching and finding keywords.
  • Finding the appropriate keywords is the backbone of your app store optimization strategy. The keywords used in your app creatives can make or break your app marketing techniques. 
  • ASO helps in optimizing the keywords for your app. While using the perfect keywords in the proper keyword density can scale up your app’s overall growth, adding the wrong keywords can prove detrimental and bury your app under rising competition.

Why opt for a free ASO keyword tool?

  • Who will take the primary task of researching and finding the right keywords off your shoulders? Take advantage of the free keyword ranking tools such as App Store Suggest, Google autocompletes, and more to find relevant content quickly.
  • An ASO keyword tool is the easiest way to find the most popular keywords relevant to your app category and feature.
  • These tools are easy to use, similar to the Google search engine, where you search and choose from the list of suggestions under the search bar.
  • Google Play Store’s autocomplete tool is a gold mine for you that will research, recommend and rank keywords for your app. it can influence Google Play’s algorithm and can, in turn, boost the app’s discoverability.
  • This time-saving traffic-generating keyword tool is the unanimous choice of many app marketers to reach out to the target audience. Who will ensure your goal of securing more app traffic and downloads?


The challenge of competing with established apps in the app market is growing more rigid with each day. However, your app has several opportunities to get to the target audience, increase downloads and boost the app’s revenue.

That can be made possible using the most feasible and effective marketing strategy, i.e., app store optimization. While Google ads and other paid campaigns can increase your app’s traffic, ASO does it organically, securing loyal users. You can use the free keyword ranking tools to help identify the right keywords, making it easier for potential users to discover and download your app.

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Expert Tips You Need When Learning How to Play The Lottery in Malaysia For Fun and Profit



Expert Tips You Need When Learning How to Play The Lottery in Malaysia For Fun and Profit

The lottery is a great way to make money, but it can also be a lot of fun. You don’t have to be a math whiz or know how much the prize will be worth before you buy – just pick your favorite numbers and hope for the best.

Here are some things that you should know before you play.

Malaysia SportsToto

SportsToto is a lottery game that is played in Malaysia. It was started in 1989 and since then has become one of the most popular games played on the island.

The main reason why SportsToto is so popular among Malaysians is that you can play it at home or while traveling through different countries around the globe.

The game consists of 49 numbers ranging from 1-49, which are selected by choosing 7 numbers from 49 and placing your bet on either red or black according to whether you want to win $2 million or lose all your money.

There are other variations on this theme, such as SuperSprint (which gives away more than 500 times what regular sport-toto does), Grand Slam toto, which pays out even more than $1 million per draw but only lasts for one week every year so don’t get too attached.

4D Lottery

4D Lottery is a game of chance, so your odds of winning are the same as everyone else’s.

The odds depend on how many tickets are sold and how many winners there are in total. If there are n tickets sold and n winners, then you have an expected value of:

= E ^n/n! where n! = 1 x 2 x 3 x 4 …

All 4D results (keputusan 4D) will be announced after 7pm.

Magnum 4D

Magnum 4D is a lottery-style game that has been running since 1994. The odds of winning this lottery are 1 in 13,983,816, and you can win up to RM2 million.

This means that if 100 people played every day for 6 months and each person won once (about 50% chance), they would have collected RM2 million worth of prizes together.

You can also play online or at the retail outlet, where you can choose from several different games, such as Powerball or Lucky Dip – all with varying payout amounts depending on how many tickets have been sold by other players around Malaysia.


TOTO is a lottery game in Malaysia and Singapore. It’s also known as the National Lottery of Malaysia or Lotto 6/49.

It was introduced on 1 April 1974, replacing several existing games like Lucky Dip, Number Two, and Super 7s.

TOTO is played by selecting six numbers from 0-46 out of 59 possible combinations (there are no red balls).

Each number can be chosen only once per draw; however, you can choose the same set of numbers twice in case you have won both matches before (e.g., if you win your first match with number three, then your second match will be with number three again).

The winning combination must occur exactly between two drawn numbers; otherwise, there will not be any payout!

The 4D result will be released after 7pm.

Da Ma Cai 1+3D

Da Ma Cai 1+3D is a lottery game that is played in Malaysia. The game was introduced in 2005, replacing previous sports lottery games such as Da Ma Cai and Da Ma Cai 3D.

Sports Toto Malaysia Berhad offers this game to players at all outlets of their network throughout the country.

The main aim of this introduction was to improve the quality of service provided by them to cater more effectively to the needs of their customers who wanted something new and exciting but still affordable enough for them to play regularly without having too much financial burden on themselves during its initial stages (when it first came out).

Sandakan 4D

Sandakan 4D is a lottery game that’s played in Sabah, Malaysia. The odds of winning are 1 in 6.3, and players can play for fun or profit by choosing their own numbers and betting on them each week.

Sandakan 4D starts at 6 am on Wednesdays and Saturdays (the same time as Wednesday night slots) from May to October every year when there are no other draws scheduled before then;

otherwise, they start at 6 am on Mondays during this period but only if there are no other draws scheduled beforehand—in which case they’ll be held until November or December, depending on whether you live near Kuala Lumpur or Kota Kinabalu city (which doesn’t have its drawing).

Sabah 88

Sabah 88 is the best lottery game in Malaysia. It has a jackpot that can reach up to RM 1 million and has the most winners.

You can win this game if you have a winning ticket or purchase it from one of its authorized agents like AGC or NSIC.

You first need to choose your favorite numbers from 3-9, 14-17, and 27 (except for bonus numbers).

Then, the next step will be choosing whether you want to play at all or not. If yes, then just click on the “Play” button below so that we can start playing automatically!

Learn the Lottery Games in Your Jurisdiction and the Odds for Each One

The odds of winning in a lottery vary depending on the game and jurisdiction.

For example, if you play Mega Millions here in Malaysia, your odds of winning are much better than if you played Powerball or Lotto America.

The reason? We have more people playing Mega Millions which means that there are so many more ways for us to win it.

In fact, our national lottery has been around since 1995, when we launched the first version of Powerball (which was named after its creator: James E. “Bart” Sargent).

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Virtual Phone Number & How Does it Work?



Virtual Phone Number & How Does it Work?

Your inheritance telephone system now not cuts it currently. With the surge of individuals operating remotely, ancient landlines simply can’t sustain with the wants of your business.

There should be an improved thanks to manage your business communications, right? There is!

A virtual sign may be a phone number that isn’t certain to a physical location. Virtual numbers may be wont to create or receive calls on any phone, like VoIP table phones, cell phones, or softphones. It’s excellent for workers within the workplace, or people who work on home.

Do you would like a presence in uk for your business or website? get United Kingdom virtual number (United Kingdom DID number) and visit customers you ne’er thought you had. Potential and current purchasers can each appreciate a neighborhood sign in uk for them to use. Check your websites analytics reports, if you’re obtaining traffic outside the areas you have got your listed “Contact Us” sign you may be missing out on business. Take a uk virtual variety and forward the calls to any VOIP device and pay a flat rate for unlimited incoming minutes thereto variety. You’d be shocked on what number would be callers there may well be in uk.

How to get a neighborhood uk virtual phone number?

1.         In Your Account, choose the amount kind (SMS, Voice, or TollFree).

2.         Сhoose uk from countries list.

3.         choose the city/region wherever you would like to urge the amount.

4.         established telephony direction (to sign, SIP or Telegram).

5.         Pay the setup fee and monthly fee for the specified variety of months of rent (a discount is feasible with a rise within the variety of months).

You can choose that devices receive calls from the virtual sign, and alter them once required. Virtual phone numbers conjointly offer exaggerated namelessness over your landlines, which individuals will realize in on-line directories.

Virtual phone numbers area unit crucial to acceptive calls from customers everywhere the globe, despite wherever their offices area unit placed. It provides them seamless lines of communication with their customers. They can’t distinguish between a virtual and normal phone number.

1.         native phone numbers – These numbers area unit primarily based in bound geographic areas, conjointly referred to as rate centers or space codes.

2.         fee numbers – These area unit special numbers that begin with 800, 888, 866, et al that permit individuals to decision it with none tolls or fees.

3.         vainness numbers – These numbers area unit the catchy, unforgettable numbers like 1-800-FLOWERS. you’d need to get these and port them in.

4.         Virtual phone numbers don’t need a SIM card or a physical address. Instead, virtual numbers settle for calls through vocalisation web Protocol (VoIP). basically, it’s a similar tried technology wont to create calls and text messages through iMessage, WhatsApp, or Google Voice.

5.         Your phone calls area unit digitized and connected over the net and across ancient phone networks. we have a tendency to use a method known as variety porting to make sure you’ll be able to take your business sign with you despite your VoIP supplier.

6.         As a result, all you wish may be a quick and reliable knowledge association — 4G LTE or Wi-Fi — to put calls. this can be however virtual phone numbers permit you to require calls from your portable.

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