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Shower surrounds, shelves, stair treads, and thresholds are just some of the many places you can find marble slabs in use. Marble, like any other slab material, must be cut to size before it can be installed. Professionals with commercial slab equipment should handle large-scale cutting, but homeowners can cut smaller slabs for installation on their own.

Marble is a very favoured and stunning stone. It’s worth noting that the veining on many species is particularly attractive. Countertops aren’t the only place you’ll find natural stone in a home. Marble can be cut to size with the help of this manual.

Many homeowners probably wouldn’t even attempt to cut marbles. If you have the right tools and knowledge, you can complete this project without hiring a professional. Can you tell me the proper way to cut marble? This tutorial will show you how to do it yourself.

There are a lot of upsides to making your own marble slabs. adaptability is one. It allows you to choose the exact dimensions and finish of your marble.

Spending less. Marble remnants and scraps are available for sale at low prices from stone yards and mason shops. By taking on the work yourself, you can avoid spending money on consultants.

Fabricators use machinery to cut stone for use in construction. They all perform the same functions, after all. There are a few different possibilities. The way a stone is cut is influenced by its composition. This article compares and contrasts natural and manufactured stone. The fundamentals of stone cutting will be covered in this article. We will also examine how the characteristics of various stones influence the cutting process.



Make sure you have the cutting tool on hand before beginning this project. To complete this particular DIY task, a wet saw is required. Technically speaking, a marble cannot be hacked with a wet saw. In contrast, the latter are simply ground under their feet.

There are diamond crystals bonded to the edge of each blade segment. When used against solid, heavy objects, these crystals really shine. The force of friction generated by the diamond blade quickly and easily grinds away any substance it comes into contact with.

You should only use this saw in a location with a steady supply of water. The water will serve as a cooling agent, keeping the blade at an optimal temperature. It decreases the likelihood of the blade overheating and boosts the blade’s overall efficiency and reliability. A further benefit of the water is that it preserves the integrity of the blade and the marble itself.



It’s crucial to use caution when cutting marbles. When all factors are considered, the power tool you’ll be using will be formidable. Wear protective clothing and equipment at all times, particularly gloves and goggles. Earmuffs or other forms of aural protection must be worn at all times to prevent damage to your hearing in this environment. Noise is generated when using this device.

Wearing garments that are too large in all directions around your body is not a good idea. Then there’s the risk of them getting caught in the blade. The repercussions of that may be extremely negative. You should also wear sturdy footwear because marble dust and chips could land on your feet. In addition, your hair needs to be tied back.


You can skip the instruction phase and go straight to the cutting process because you know how to use a wet saw. Earlier, we mentioned how important it is to make sure the saw is wired into an outlet that is not too far away. The water pump should also be tested to ensure proper operation of the equipment.

If you’re going to be cutting a marble slab, do it over some stable foam. Any nonabrasive surface should do the trick. This must be done before the marble can be moved across the saw platform without damaging the surface.


Mark the spot on the marble where you intend to make your incision. Using line tape and a marker, you can make the guide. Make your mark as thick as possible if you want it to be legible. Once that’s done, start pouring water onto the blade’s cutting edge.


Try to get the marble to lie as flat as possible on the wet saw by positioning it in the correct spot. You can get this job done quickly and efficiently because of how you’ve arranged the materials. It safeguards your fingers from being snipped off inadvertently.


Assuming everything is in order, you can start cutting the marble. Don’t rush through this process. You should move as slowly as possible so that the blade can cut through everything in its path. If the marble is pushed too roughly against the blade, however, it will crack and break. The blade could also spit out large, sharp debris, endangering your safety and possibly injuring you.

Maintain a steady pace that allows for both the completion of the project and everyone’s safety. To cut a marble slab, one need only feed it slowly and steadily through a saw.


Once you’re done sawing the marble, unplug the wet saw so you can begin polishing the slab. If that’s the case, go ahead and keep chopping away at the marble. You can do this by smoothing the marble’s edges with wet or dry sandpaper. It doesn’t matter which way you do it. In either case, 120-grit sandpaper is a good place to begin, and 2500-grit sandpaper is where you should finish. The rough spots need to be smoothed out.

Using coarse-grained sandpaper on marble will only scratch the stone’s surface and is therefore not recommended. Instead of doing it by hand, you could use an angle grinder. This tool is ideal for quickly polishing the marble surfaces in your home. When compared to hand-smoothing the edges of the material, it’s safe to say that the results produced by this machine are superior.


When you’re done shaping and shining the stone, put away the cutting blades and polishing pads. You need a spotless office to get any work done. Remove any dirt, dust, or other particles you find on the floor. If any of the marble broke and sharp pieces fell to the floor, you should sweep the area thoroughly to remove them. Potentially harmful, especially to those who aren’t aware of the risks involved.


To begin, we will focus on natural stone as the primary type of stone. First things first: let’s define “natural stone” so we’re on the same page before we get into the specifics of how to cut it. Natural stone, as we use the term, is not adequately described by the phrase “any material that contains natural minerals.” We think of it instead as stone slabs that are quarried from the ground and then cut into slabs without the use of any sophisticated machinery.

The hardness and chemical makeup of stone surfaces varies widely. There will be some degree of variation in the cutting of stone slabs. The tools and technique used for cutting are affected by the material’s hardness and composition. Natural stone can be cut into manageable slabs by following these simple steps:

  • To cut the desired material, choose the appropriate diamond blade.
  • Preparing to cut the stone slab? Set up your saw.
  • Take measurements of the slab or prepare a cutting template (s).
  • For the purpose of keeping the stone and blade cool, please activate the water supply.
  • Perform the cut in accordance with the instructions provided with the saw and the stone.

You should make sure your stone saw is well-maintained and in proper working order, in addition to following the correct procedure when making your cuts. Maintaining a regular inspection schedule can help identify any hidden dangers before they cause damage or injury.


Due to its fragility, cutting marble requires a sharp blade and plenty of water to prevent debris from clogging the kerf and hindering the cutting process. Without either of these, cutting marble can be difficult. A blade made for cutting marble is usually the best option for clean, precise cuts every time.


Due to its extreme hardness, granite requires a slightly different technique than that used to cut softer calcareous stones like marble (or limestone, travertine, onyx, and the like). For optimal results when cutting granite, the blades must be constructed to cut in a specific direction. In addition, you’ll require a high-quality bridge saw that can accommodate the granite blade you intend to use. You can only do your best work with top-notch tools at your disposal. If you pair a high-quality granite blade like the Grey Leopard with the right Achilli USA Saw for the job, you’ll have a fighting chance of succeeding.


Quartzite is at least as hard as granite, and it is possible that it is even harder, so you will need a blade that is designed for cutting hard materials like granite. If you need to cut through tough materials, your best bet is to use a blade with dedicated segmentation.

If you need a diamond blade that is ideal for cutting quartzite, look no further than Weha’s White Lion. The German silent core used in The White Lion contributes to its refined and unobtrusive finish. Moreover, the patented segment design accelerates the cutting process by a whopping 35%.


While engineered stone may look and feel similar to natural stone, the two are actually quite different when it comes to being cut. It may come as a surprise, however, to learn that the cutting time required for some engineered materials is significantly higher than that required for more commonplace materials. This suggests that some alterations may be necessary in your shop. All the engineering tasks that will take longer to finish could be put off until the evening, for instance.

Alternatively, you could use machines that are tailored to handle only those specific materials. We won’t get into the reasons why these materials are more time-consuming to work with right now, but we will shortly. But before we get into that, let’s look at a man-made material that is made in a way that’s similar to how granite is.


Cutting quartz is similar to cutting granite. Hardness-wise, quartz is on par with granite. Quartz has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale. As hard as a 6.5–7 Mohs granite, approximately.

Keep in mind that quartz is a man-made material with a different composition than natural stone before you begin cutting. It’s made of all-natural ingredients. There is a lot of resin in the sheet you’re cutting. There will be repercussions for your ability to cut. Why?

High temperatures are detrimental to quartz resins. Keep both the blade and the quartz cool while cutting. There is a risk of overheating if the material is not protected. Stone loses its natural colour when heated. Quartz can be safely cut with a heat-dissipating blade or one that is kept cool by water.


This manmade surface is unforgivingly tough. In terms of hardness, granite and quartz are on the same level. Unlike other materials, cutting porcelain slabs is more labour intensive. The fabrication time for porcelain and sintered stone, according to one fabricator, can be three times that of natural stone.

Porcelain needs precision and a sharp blade to be cut. If you don’t have the right blade, you could end up chipping the porcelain. Continuous rim blades make quick work of porcelain. Unsegmented blades are meant by the term “continuous rim.” Because the rim is always touching the stone, the blade never sends any of its cutting segments flying over the edge.


Saw should be dried and allowed to cool before being stored. The lifespan and efficiency of the wet saw are both enhanced by regular cleaning.

A room tiled with marble looks luxurious and sophisticated. Understanding how to cut marble tiles will save time and effort.

Whether it’s a wall, floor, or decorative accent, tiling your home with marble will increase its elegance and value. It’s a different story when you’re dealing with actual marble or cultured marble and need to cut some slabs. Even if the job, such as tiling a kitchen sink or entry hall, seems simple on the surface, there are important factors to take into account.

There are a wide variety of marble cutting tools from which to choose. The precise shape of a marble slab is determined by its final installation. Installing marble slabs properly is essential.


Cultured marble can be shaped using many different types of cutting tools. Cutting tools can range from a miniature jigsaw for intricate work on small surfaces to a full-size circular saw for cutting long surfaces like kitchen countertops. If all you need to do is round off a corner, a router will do the trick.

Whatever tool you choose, a diamond or carbide blade will be needed to cut through the cultured marble without damaging the surface.


In order to cut marble, you’ll need specific tools depending on where exactly you’ll be installing it. To properly instal a kitchen countertop, for instance, you’ll need a circular saw to cut the long section and a jigsaw to cut the hole for the sink. However, if you happen to make your cuts a little too wide with the circular saw, you can always use a router to smooth things out.

Due to their manoeuvrability and convenience in tight quarters, a router and jigsaw are commonly used for cutting cultured marble in areas like bathtubs and shower bases. This is particularly true of confined spaces.


Many different techniques are needed to cut cultured marble slabs. Begin by taping off the area you’ll be cutting. There will be no marbling when you cut it.

If you cut the marble product from the back, any chips will remain on the back, out of sight once it’s set in place.

When cutting cultured marble, use clamps and a straight edge to push the circular saw against you. Sand down the rough spots with a belt sander or some sandpaper.

Always use protective gear, such as a face mask, gloves, and safety glasses, when working with power tools.

Professional tile setters and marble fabricators aren’t the only ones who can cut their own materials. This is doable even for weekend warriors and homeowners. The tools and supplies are needed for this task. Being skilled with a wet saw is also an asset. Your output will increase as a result of that.

As the name implies, this site provides do-it-yourself instruction. The tutorials on how to improve your home are stored in our database.

This article may be shared on your social media pages with no hesitation. Please use the space below to share your thoughts or ask any questions.

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Furthermore, this resort is also equipped with a thalassotherapy spa. Resort St. Regis Bali also provides a ‘Children’s Learning Center’ facility so parents who bring their children can leave them there. The Children’s Learning Center offers a curriculum to stimulate and entertain children while their parents enjoy the holidays.

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You can visit the lodging recommendations above for those traveling with their family and looking for the best resorts in Nusa Dua, Bali. All of them have extraordinary views with complete and luxurious facilities!

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Are you planning to go abroad but still don’t know what to prepare? People dream of going abroad, especially to countries like America and Europe. If this is your first time going abroad, you should check the following tips!

Prepare All Important Documents

The first thing you need to do is prepare important documents. For example, passports, ID cards, visas, and international driving licenses if you are going to drive abroad. Make sure you know whether the country you are going to visit is visa-free or not. For Southeast Asian countries, the Maldives and Turkey are visa-free, so you only have to have a passport. But a visa is still needed if you want to go to South Korea, Europe, or America. Make sure to scan your document and save it in the cloud like Google Drive or iCloud. Oh, yes, remember to check your vaccination status. Because every country needs your health information.

Make Itineraries

Itinerary is important for those who want to travel abroad. The reason is holidays abroad cost a lot of money, so when you can, take advantage of it with a well-planned schedule. Research in detail the tourist destinations you want to visit. For example, what is unique in it, ticket prices, transportation to get there, to the distance from the inn you’re staying. Remember to include places to eat that you want to try. Make sure the place to eat is according to your preferences, such as halal or free of certain food allergies.

Book Tickets in Advance

When you know how long you will be on vacation with the itinerary that has been prepared, it’s time to book plane tickets and lodging. Find cheap tickets by:

  1. Using promos and discounts on travel agent applications.
  2. Comparing which price is lower and what kind of facilities you will get.
  3. Choosing accommodation that fits your budget but is still comfortable.

Oh yes, also remember to check how the pandemic situation is in the country you are going to visit. Do you have to quarantine or not? Because it will affect your itinerary and accommodation. Due to the pandemic conditions that have not fully recovered, check whether there is still Indonesia quarantine after returning from vacation.

Exchange Money and Check Your ATM Cards

Exchange your currency into the destination country’s currency, for example, yen, euros, dollars, won, and others. But remember, don’t carry too much cash because it’s also prone to theft, besides being wasteful. For the rest, you can do cashless transactions. Check your bank’s ATM card to see if it has Visa, MasterCard, or Cirrus logos. This row of stamps indicates that your bank is working with banks abroad. Or you can also use a credit card to make your transaction easier.

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Down 43%, Is This Tech Stock Worth Buying Right Now?



Down 43%, Is This Tech Stock Worth Buying Right Now?

Skyworks Solutions (NASDAQ: SWKS) announced its fiscal 2022 fourth-quarter results (for the three months ended September 30) on November 3, and the supplier Apple’s stock price has risen 11% since then.

Skyworks beat expectations and showed solid growth at a time when smartphone sales were declining, but forecasts show the chipmaker is about to hit a bump. With that said, let’s take a closer look at the latest results from the chipmaker. Let’s take a closer look at whether the stock can sustain new momentum after losing 43% of its value in 2022.

Skyworks solutions deliver reliable results for non-mobile businesses
Skyworks’ fourth-quarter revenue increased 7% year-over-year to a record $1.4 billion. The company also reported non-GAAP (adjusted) earnings of $3.02 per share, up 15% year-over-year. Skyworks easily justified analyst estimates of $2.91 per share. For the year, the company’s revenue increased 7% to $5.5 billion and earnings rose similarly to $11.24 per share.

The strong growth of chipmakers in the fourth quarter was the result of successful diversification into new markets such as Internet of Things (IoT) and automotive, as well as relationships with major smartphone original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Yes, it helped make up for it. Weakness in the smartphone market. space. However, it was the non-mobile business that put a lot of effort into Skyworks last quarter.
As CFO Chris Sennesael noted in the report, the company generated $500 million in revenue from broad market segments (counting chip sales for non-mobile applications like IoT), up 30% from the previous year. Last earnings conference call. Broad market companies contributed 36% of Skyworks’ revenue last quarter, up from 29% in the same period last year.

It’s also worth noting that Skyworks earned $2 billion in revenue from this segment for the entire fiscal year. That’s almost 43% more than the $1.4 billion in revenue last fiscal year. The good news is that the company’s business in a wide range of markets can maintain its momentum. This is because, as Skyworks showed in its earnings report, it is attracting new customers in high-growth niches like IoT.

“In IoT, we continue to win new customers and expand our content. We have partnered with Vodafone to launch the UK’s first WiFi 6E platform. We have launched a solution for Fi 6 hotspots.”

Skyworks also enables the deployment of O-RAN (Open Radio Access Network) and delivers record quarterly results in the high-growth automotive business niche. For example, the O-RAN market is expected to grow at an annual rate of 42% until 2030. Meanwhile, according to Mordor Intelligence, the demand for connected cars will grow by 19% per year until 2027.

These catalysts explain why Skyworks expects its broad commercial segment of the market “to be a major driver in FY23 and beyond.”

The mobile business was not in its best last quarter
Skyworks’ mobile business generated approximately $907 million in revenue last quarter (this is total revenue minus $500 million from the broader market business). By comparison, 71% of Skyworks’ $1.31 billion in revenue last year came from its mobile business, worth nearly $931 million.

Thus, the company’s mobile business, which generates most of its revenue, declined year-over-year in the most recent quarter. This is not surprising given that smartphone sales have been declining for the past five quarters. Skyworks considers Apple its biggest client, with the smartphone giant generating 58% of its revenue last year.

Last quarter, Apple shipped 48.5 million smartphones, 6.4% more than last year. However, the overall smartphone market was down 9% year-over-year. And now things could get even worse for Skyworks.

All of this explains why Skyworks management is targeting a sharp drop in sales and profits. The chipmaker expects revenue of $1.3 billion to $1.35 billion and adjusted earnings of $2.59 per share in the first quarter of fiscal 2023. These numbers show double-digit declines in both revenue and earnings compared to the last year.

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